The Mirror of Life

How would you feel if I said that our lives are only mirrors?

A bit confused maybe?

Here’s the truth.

Everything that happens around us is a reflection of what is going on within us.

Let me break this down for you a bit more.

Our beliefs and thoughts dictate exactly the reality we experience. Our perceptions define and shape our lives. Our lives are the true reflection of who we are. Not the face in the literal mirror.

You might say, “No, what happens to me doesn’t define who I am.” This is half true. What happens doesn’t technically define us, but the way we view and handle those things does. Some people can go through a lost job and view it as a terrible disfortune. Others may see it as an opportunity for growth and more fulfillment in a better line of work. The latter is going to have a much easier experience. What’s the difference between the two? Perspective and thought.

Put a hundred different people through the same situation and you’ll find a hundred different paths have been opened. This is because we all have unique perspectives. And these perspectives, which are based on the beliefs and thoughts we hold, are what dictate the path we find ourselves on.

“You do not see the world as it is. You see it as you are.” – Anais Nin

Scientists have found that within the atom, the existence and the behavior of the particles depend on the intent of the scientist.

What predates intent? A thought. Thoughts are actual things. They leave a physical imprint in the form of what we find ourselves experiencing. Imagine you’ve got a boomerang that you throw out and forget you even threw it. Once it returns, you find yourself looking around wondering where it came from. This is what we do with our thoughts. Some boomerangs come back with opportunities for happiness. Others come back with pain. But the truth is that every boomerang is ours. We were the ones who threw them.

We consciously and unconsciously create our reality by way of our thoughts. This is what is meant by reality being a reflection of ourselves.

Maybe we want a fulfilling love life but have thoughts that we can never find a loving relationship. That belief will come back to us in the form of less than loving relationships.

Maybe we want more money but have thoughts that we’re never good with money. Those thoughts will manifest themselves as situations which will solidify that belief. We’ll find ourselves always broke and scrounging for change.

We wonder why we can’t just get what we want. 

In my own experience, I’ve had friendships in which I found I was consistently taken advantage of in a variety of ways. I would find myself thinking that I’d never find a true friend. Then, I realized it wasn’t them. It was me. I never specified any boundaries. I never said no, even when I wanted to. I thought that I had to give up everything I had to be a good friend. This thought form manifested itself in these experiences so that I could see the truth of what was going on within me, and open space for healthy friendships to form.

The external is always changing, but we carry around our inner selves everywhere we go. There is a reason they say that change first has to happen within. We have to become aware of what’s going on inside before we can make anything transform around us. Thoughts actually begin first with our emotions. It’s important for us to become aware of the emotions that we’re holding and the thoughts that come along with them. Welcoming in those that gives us the opportunity to thrive, and dismissing those which holds us back.

It’s kind of like caring for a garden.

Are we caring for the flowers or the weeds?

The flowers are things that support us and enliven us. Courage, compassion, happiness, love, and strength. They are what creates what it is that we truly want.

The weeds are things that grow up quickly and end up overtaking the flowers. They are the emotions which creates what we do not want. Greed, anger, doubt, jealousy, cynicism, hate, distrust, resentment, and lack. Allowing these to take root and continuing to water them invites a noxious area of land where flowers cannot seem to find their place in.

What are you caring for?

The reason why we find ourselves not being able to achieve our hopes and dreams is because somewhere within us, we think that we can’t and life ends up reflecting back to us situations and people which solidify that thought.

Ask yourself what it is that you want to experience and then take a look at all of the thoughts and beliefs you have surrounding that. Reflect on how these thoughts and beliefs may be keeping you from experiencing that very thing. Think about what kinds of behaviors you partake in that contradict your hopes.

And then shift them.

It sounds difficult, but it really isn’t. Once we realize that we are what is creating these things, and become aware of how exactly it is that we’re doing so, we open space for us to change it. And most of us have already spent so much time wanting and wishing, so the hope and passion is already there.

The best way to start shifting them is by reframing the belief or thought that’s holding us back.

If it’s “I will never find a loving relationship,” start saying, “I am open to a loving relationship.”

If it’s “I will never be happy,” start saying, “I welcome happiness.”

If it’s “I won’t ever be financially stable,” start saying, “I invite all forms of abundance.”

We must change our beliefs in order to change our thoughts which culminates into changing our reality.

Next, we have to be sure that we are behaving in a way that creates space for what it is that we want.

Do you want love? Then love. Ask yourself if you love you. Ask yourself if you love others. We can’t expect another to love us in a way we desire if we do not first love ourselves in the same way, nor can we if we don’t love them the same.

Do you want trust? Then trust. We cannot expect someone to trust us if we cannot trust them. We cannot expect someone to be honest with us if we are not ourselves being honest.

Do you want abundance? Then believe in your ability to be abundant. Don’t focus on the lack. It’s only manifesting itself because you’re throwing it out there to the Universe. Focus on all the ways right now in which you experience abundance.

To be heard, start listening. To receive, be grateful. To be understood, start to understand. To experience beauty, seek it out in your life. To be fulfilled, find fulfillment. To have healthy communication, communicate in a healthy way.

Everything is possible in this world of possibilities, as long as we believe and hold the intention that it is. Affirm yourself and your ability to manifest what you want. Let go of the thoughts and beliefs that tell you that it’s not possible. Be active in your creation.

The Golden Rule is treat others the way you’d like to be treated. This also goes for the totality of life. If we think of life as something that’s out to get us, guess what we’ll experience? But, if we think of life as a guide and ally, our experiences start to make a ton of sense.

Deliberately and intentionally work with the mirror of your life. 

When we start viewing our lives as a mirror, we start to see how everything we experience is created by us. This gives us the power to create something different, something more fulfilling and on track with our purpose and desires. We become the true masters of our lives and have the capacity to create a life we’ve dreamt of.




12 thoughts on “The Mirror of Life

    1. Thank you! You summed that up beautifully. A meaningful life is only able to be made manifest if we are open to finding – and comprehending -the meaning behind our experiences! 🙂 thanks for reading!

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    1. I just can’t get over your way with words, Gina. Thank you. I think the same of you! So happy to have connected with you here. I’d also like to say how much I love your reasoning behind choosing “single dust.” Brilliant.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. aww! no praises please I may float away! I love words and I hope the words love me back so I can show their true beauty. I love your writing, so much deep sharing from a place I can only say comes from ancient knowledge. Happy to connect too!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Loved your thoughts and they have been put with so much clarity, in life we make the simple things so complicated and yet when you read this article they just become crystal clear and so easy to grasp keep touching the lives of people with your words

    Liked by 1 person

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