The Day of Love

And love says,

“I will,

I will take care of you,”
To everything that is near.

– Hafiz

Hafiz has always been a secret lover of mine. I fell hard when I found him 5 years ago. The first writing of his that I laid my eyes upon was this gem:

Where is the door to God?

In the sound of a barking dog,

In the ring of a hammer,

In a drop of rain,

If the face of


I see.

Isn’t that beautiful?

I tend to correlate God with love. I’ve realized that similar to God, love comes in a multitude of forms.

We tend to have fixed expectations and ideas around it, and I feel that many of us fall short of truly experiencing it because we’re simply looking in the wrong places, at the wrong things. It starts within and moves without.

When I first came to this realization, I felt as though I was seeing with new eyes. Almost as though I were a child. Once I got a glimpse of the well of love, divinity, and truth that we all hold, there was no going back. I stopped holding judgments because I simply could not. How could I? Life is so much more magical when we take off the filters and see both ourselves and others as we truly are – Love. We recognize that that’s all we’ve ever been. How similar we are, yet so uniquely special. And the craziest thing happens when we do so. It gets reflected back to us. We start to notice all of the ways we’re shown love, ways we weren’t able to see with all of our expectations and lofty ideas blocking our view. We start to notice the shifts in communication and behavior of those around us as well as ourselves. People seem more compassionate, more understanding, more real because they are. Our expectations have fallen away and given them space to be who they’ve always been. Love abounds. It is the one thing we all have in common on this Earth, and I believe that as soon as we all come to this point of truth, a world we’ve only dreamt of can find space to make itself real.


Love, like God, protects. It serves.

It guides and it gives.

There is no expectation – Love simply is.
Love in a flower. Love in the sky.

Love in the heart of a wild-eyed guy.

Love, in the swaying of trees.

Love in you


Love in me.


Love is everywhere. Love is art.

To open your eyes is to open your heart.


Welcome love.

Embrace it.

Spread love.

Displace it.

Be love.

Please face it.


Because what you are –

Is a Love reservoir.


Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.


PS – Tell yourself you love you today – but also, every day. Tell your loved ones, too. Love shouldn’t be delegated to one day out of the year.

Let’s make love a living.

What do you think? πŸ™‚


11 thoughts on “The Day of Love

  1. Well said, Kayla. I did not know Hafiz. But I like his poetry you quoted. Poetry has a way to articulate the words of the unspoken and lift the the spirit of the unseen. Something I admire.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hafiz is truly magical. I also completely agree with your sentiments about poetry! Beautifully articulated. Thank you for reading, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it! πŸ™‚


  2. Thank you for joining me on my blog Kayla. I like very much what I see her. I’m sure there was a reason I started on this page – from the little I’ve read of Hafiz’s work, I enjoy him too. But I also find resonance in much of what you’ve said in this post. I look forward to reading more!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah! that is such a warm welcome. It feels like you are welcoming me home. The topics you write about are near and dear to my heart so I look forward to rummaging in your store of good stuff! πŸ˜€

        Liked by 1 person

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