The Story Behind EssenCentral 

Hello to all of you. I’m so excited that you’re here with me! Thank you deeply for reading and enjoying my words. I hope to connect with all of you in some way while we’re together.
Today, I’d like to share a bit about myself and what EssenCentral is all about.

essence (noun): the basic, real, and invariable nature of a thing or its significant individual feature or features

central (adj): of the greatest importance; principal or essential

I came up with this name as I was in the midst of my degree. I was brainstorming names for my practice and couldn’t quite figure out one that actually felt good to me. I decided to sleep on it.

And, like most magic that happens when we simply stop forcing and allow things to come to us, I woke up the next day with it ringing in my head. EssenCentral. Full body goosebumps.

Yes. That was it.

EssenCentral embodies everything it is that I want to facilitate in others and also connect with myself. Getting back to our center, to our essence – our core nature. What makes us us, without all of our stories, without all of the fluff and stuff. Who we were when we were children, still pure and without the burdens and anxieties of life. Who we were when we were living from our hearts and our souls. This is where we find our truth, our values, our hopes and dreams. This is how we self-actualize and manifest our goals. This is what we must connect to in order to live as fully and completely as we can.

Just to bring in a little personal experience, I’ve spoken a bit about my childhood. How I didn’t really get a grasp on who I was until I was well out of high school. Going back a little further, I had some pretty rough times growing up, though I recognize not near as rough as others have. My father was never around, as the needle and his many girlfriends were much too important. My mother lost a baby boy 3 days after he was born, sending her through years and years of intense depression and isolation. I was 10. We moved a lot. On welfare. My mother worked two jobs and was hardly home. I had to grow up quickly as I realized nobody around me was really in a place to take care of me – or my little sister, forcing me to become somewhat of a surrogate mother to her and myself for some time. I was constantly focused on surviving that I really didn’t have any space to simply be a kid – play outside, have hobbies, etc. I spent a lot of this time locked up in my mind, fantasizing about a life full of treats, playgrounds, and fun. There’s something strange that happens when you’re much too young to understand the fallacies of life but are forced through them anyway. I became withdrawn, shy, and painfully pessimistic. I was resentful and paranoid of everything and everyone for years, until one day, as I was driving home from school – I understood. I understood that everything I went through was there for a reason. Despite the pain and loss, I learned how to be responsible, self-sufficient, and nurturing. I learned how to be perceptive, empathetic, and self-aware. I learned the reality of life at a young age so that I could go into my adulthood with no naïveté, understanding the types of real life things that can and do happen to everyone on this planet. It gave me the gift of seeing through the bullshit and realizing that everyone has a purpose, has meaning, has essential qualities that allow them to push forward, whether they’re conscious of them or not.

My entire perspective of life changed in one single moment. Suddenly, I was welcoming people into my life. I noticed myself showering them with more love, understanding, and forgiveness than I ever had in every moment I could. I welcomed new situations, letting go of paranoia and distrust. I was incredibly curious about life and all it had to offer. And, best of all, it felt amazing – I felt amazing. I was starting to gain a glimpse of my core nature – the rest is history.

This is why connecting to our essence is so important. Our essence is our life force. Some people may call it our spirit or our soul. I believe these words can be used interchangeably. I do believe we are spiritual beings going through a human experience – and essence is what keeps us going. It sheds light on our path, guiding us through the various human obstacles that may temporarily stifle it so that we can get back to it, to ourselves. Sometimes we may lose sight of it, but it’s never truly gone. And this is what EssenCentral is all about. Getting back to this state of being and living fully within it, fully within ourselves. Enjoying life and enjoying who we are.

Our essence is also what determines our lives. It closely connects to our deepest thoughts, feelings, and beliefs – ultimately guiding our actions. It is how we attract and repel experiences and situations. Connecting to our essence, then, also means connecting to our inherent power and responsibility in our lives. As we start to shift our focus on who we are, what we think, feel and believe, we start to shift the quality and type of experiences we find ourselves in. We have purpose because we understand who we are at the core. And this purpose lovingly guides us even through the roughest storms.

What is the most significant quality or aspect of you as a human being? This is your essence. Don’t get confused with your ego trying to tell you what you’re here to do. Instead, who are you here to be? When the mind settles and you’re alone with yourself, who are you? Who is that being that holds no judgment, no fear, and infinite wisdom?

For me, it’s love and inspiration. I’m here to be love, to be inspiration. This is who I am. Who I’ve always been even in the midst of trying times. And knowing my core nature allows me to welcome any and all experience as an opportunity to more fully embody these qualities  – my essence.

So, welcome to EssenCentral.

May you find love and inspiration both here and, most importantly, within yourselves.


23 thoughts on “The Story Behind EssenCentral 

  1. Hi Kayla,

    Nice meeting you! 🙂
    I am glad you found my blog and I was able to see yours. I just want to tell you that YOU ARE AMAZING! Your story truly move and inspire me. I honestly admire your positive outlook in life now despite your experiences as a child. Truly God allows things to happen to us for a great purpose.
    I look forward to reading more posts from you! 🙂

    Warm regards,
    Nina- thehappylife101

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    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, Nina. That means a lot. I was actually second guessing myself after posting this wondering if I shared a bit “too much.” Then I stopped and reminded myself that my story is, nor am I, not and will never be “too much!” It’s what made me, me, and I’ll forever be grateful for it. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and I’m thrilled to have you here! Also, you’re so right – there is always a purpose. Trust and faith are number one! 🙂

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      1. You’re brave to own your story and to share it to others. I admire you for that.
        Also, I want to let you know that I have responded to your nomination on my blog. Thank you again! 😊

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  2. Right on!
    It’s so funny that I have experienced an almost complete opposite life as you (too coddled, smothered by parents, zero independence, etc), yet, I could see myself, my journey, in your realizations…
    The human experience is so amazing!
    Great post!

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  3. Hey Kayla… also… I wanted to try to send you a message privately, but you don’t seem to have a Contact page… could you shoot me a message through mine so I can reply with what I wanted to tell you?

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  4. “Our essence is our life force.” There are not two identical experiences, two identical stories. Each experience is different, each life is a different path, a different story. Each of us can find the own essence on that path. Thank you for sharing your story!

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    1. So true! You hit the nail on the head. It’s such a beautiful, complex thing being so uniquely us, and also being intimately connected as One. I truly believe that we all would benefit from realizing each of these are true! Thank you for reading. 🙂

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  5. Such a lovely post, the message and the sharing of yourself. I would say mine is love and inspiration also along with the need to help. I have always known love in my life but didn’t realise the enormity of it instantly. Since finding this, as you describe as my essence, I sometimes call it purpose or heart centre it’s amazing how much love I have around me. Beautiful piece of writing, thank you x

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    1. Thank you! Ah yes, the need to be of service! I sense all three of those (love, inspiration, service) within your posts. I also love that you call it your “heart centre.” That beautifully describes our essence! I find all of these words can easily be used hand in hand. 🙂

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      1. Yes these words can be used together and interchanged, funny how the word becomes more powerful when used in connection to love, we can have the centre of a football pitch or the centre of being, only one pulls me 🙂

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  6. Hi Kayla, this was so beautiful and I’m so so grateful that you’ve shared it and in doing so inspiring us. Lovely to know the story behind you, your name and your blog. You have such a warm and welcoming presence and I’ve no doubt your blog and your words will touch many lives. Warmest wishes and big hugs to you. xo

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    1. Thank you so much, Miriam. I deeply appreciate your love and support and I’m thrilled that my sharing this offered you some inspiration, as I am incredibly inspired by you and your writing! 💞

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  7. Let’s just get married, the hell with the age difference! Just kidding-but kinda not really-i appreciated your personal story. Never forget that that is what makes you real to people, that’s what can help them. I always feel good around you and your work. Way to go Kayla

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! You make me smile. Thanks Rob. You’re right, I felt that I needed to bring more of myself and my story into this space. I’m so glad my work creates a feeling of goodness within you! That means I’m doing something right! 🙂

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