Energy 101: An Experiment with Water 

Now that we’ve learned what energy is and how exactly it affects us, I’d like to invite you to try a little experiment with me for the next week or so just to experience how thoughts and energy work.

For a little background, Dr. Masaru Emoto was a pioneer Japanese researcher who made an incredible discovery about water. Emoto found that water crystals formed in frozen water changed depending on the intentions focused on the water itself. By producing various focused intentions through written words, prayer, and music and quite literally presenting them to the water samples, the water crystals, once frozen, seemed to change their expression.

Top left: “Love and gratitude”; Bottom left: “Adolf Hitler”; Middle: “Thank you”; Right: “You make me sick, I will kill you”

As you can plainly see, the difference in structure of the crystals based on the words are huge. The water with the positive written words of “thank you” and “love and gratitude” are much more aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical, while those with more negative words did not form a crystal. They are chaotic and unorganized.

The effects from different types of music are obvious as well.

Top left: Kawachi folk dance music; Bottom left: Hado healing music; Middle: Bach’s Air for the G String; Right: Heavy metal music

Emoto decided to take this experiment further and photograph the crystals of polluted water before and after prayer.

Left: Polluted water from the Fujiwara Dam, Japan; Right: Dam water after Buddhist prayer

Amazing right?

We are made of roughly 65% water. If simply speaking to or writing these words on a sample of water (or even prayers to a body of water!) has this kind of effect, imagine what kind of effect the same kinds of words, thoughts, and intentions have on us! We can quite literally heal ourselves as well as the Earth by way of loving intention and prayer.

Sometimes we may think there’s no immediate or tangible proof that affirmations or our prayers are actually working. By looking at Emoto’s work, we can plainly see that though the results are not visible to our eyes, they are still there. The energy transference has actually happened. When we love ourselves, our bodies respond. When we love others, they respond. When we love Mama Earth, she responds. Becoming more aware of the constant energy transfer that takes place in every moment and becoming mindful of what we choose to send out, opens space for the same energy to be reflected back to us.

Our words, thoughts, emotions, intentions, and environment all have a subtle effect on our energy bodies. And as we are made of mostly water, we can understand now that it is actually alive and responsive to each of these things. Destructive, low-frequency thoughts and phrases cause chaos, while the opposite creates beautiful crystalline structures. Water has the ability to carry information down to the molecular level of our bodies, transforming and healing, or harming, us from within.

So, onto the experiment!

I invite you to find a glass bottle or jar that you can use for the next week or so.

Pick one word or a short phrase that embodies what it is that you would like to bring into your life. I’ve used words like “patience,” “gratitude,” and “compassion.” It could be anything! Happiness, relaxation, success, health, whatever it is that resonates with you is perfect.

Write it on a small piece of paper and tape it to the bottle or jar.

For the next week, I would like you to set an intention to only drink your water out of this bottle.

As you drink it, imagine the water infusing your every cell with the quality/word that you chose. Feel it fully. Visualize yourself as this word and the end result of having this word in your life. Affirm to yourself that this is all you need to be or have ___.

I also invite you to journal any findings or realizations throughout the week. Pay attention to any shifts in your mental/emotional/physical state as well as within your relationships and external life.

Looking forward to learning about your experience!




14 thoughts on “Energy 101: An Experiment with Water 

  1. I’m doing this! I’ve just filled my glass jug up and had my first drink of water with my chosen words taped to it. Look forward to seeing how my week progresses. Thanks so much for this Alayak.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s great! We definitely need it! 🙂 i find I always feel much more clear headed and energized when I drink water compared to other drinks! Except for kombucha – that stuff is a miracle in a bottle!

      Liked by 1 person

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