Energy 101: Chakras

“There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it.”

– Elizabeth A. Behnke

Now that we know what energy is, how it works, and what it means for us, I’d like to delve a little deeper into how exactly this energy shows up within us.

Most of us are pretty familiar with our physical bodies and their functions.

What we aren’t aware of are the subtle energy bodies that quite literally make up the “solid” form that is our physical body.

From an energetic standpoint, each of us are made up of layers of vibrating energy, which each have their own unique vibration and purpose. The physical body consists of slowly vibrating energy, which is the reason that it appears solid to our eyes. The interesting thing, is that our physical form is actually created and sustained by the energetic layers that we are not able to physically see – though, there are some that are able view these layers, which is for another post entirely!

As we move outwards from the physical body, each subtle body vibrates just a bit faster than the previous one. We have seven total subtle bodies, which I won’t get into today. All you need to know is that each of these work together as a complete system.

These layers of energy, or our subtle bodies, produce an interconnected field of electromagnetic energy that is more commonly known as our auric field, or aura for short. Our auras are what we tend to pick up on first when meeting each other. They’re the first thing we sense before even speaking and can tell us a lot about our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical states, changing as each of these states change. Our auras can even be photographed thanks to something called Kirlian photography.


My boyfriend and I’s auras back in April 2015.

Our physical body is connected to our subtle bodies by way of energy centers, or chakras, which directs energy into and out of the physical body.

The word chakra comes from the sanskrit word meaning “wheel.” Translated literally from Hindu, chakra means “wheel of spinning energy.” So, our chakras are much like vortexes of energy which sit in specific areas within our body.

Each chakra sits at a point along our spines, starting from the base of the spine and up through to the crown of the head. Think of the spine as a vertical power line which is your main line of energy. Our chakras regulate and direct this flow of energy throughout our body.


Ideally, the flow of energy within each chakra should move easily and freely. When they are healthy and functioning properly they act as gateways for life force energy to enter the physical body, as well as an exit point for lower frequency energies to be released into our subtle bodies to be transmuted, or changed, into quality energy that is then sent back to the physical body. As you can see, there is constant movement and flow happening, which is why it’s important that our chakras stay open and aligned. Our physical bodies are dependent on this life force energy as it maintains an optimal state of wellbeing. For most of us though, our chakras become blocked by way of long-held stress, emotions, poor diet, rigid thinking and behavior, toxins, trauma, and physical issues.  If our chakras are blocked, our energy is blocked. It simply cannot flow properly. Blockages can contribute to and manifest physical disorders/disease, mental and emotional imbalances, and overall discomfort in life.

Now, each chakra corresponds to a specific focus and function of energy.

Beginning at the base of the spine, we have the Root Chakra.


The Root chakra is the root of our being. It relates to grounding, stability, security, focus, and our basic needs. It also relates to feeling safe in our body as well as in our place here on Earth, as it’s the closest chakra to this planet. It is the basis of our energetic foundations. The Root has everything to do with physical survival. Our fight or flight response is initiated by this chakra and it is the center of our primal nature. It is associated with the color red as well as the bladder and colon. When it is functioning well, we feel grounded, safe, secure, abundant, and fearless. When the Root is blocked, we may experience fears, insecurities, a lack of vitality, trouble staying grounded, disorganization, difficulty making decisions or manifesting our goals, procrastination, or paranoia. A blocked Root chakra may also show up as urinary difficulties, adrenal issues, or problems within the colon like constipation.

Next, we have the Sacral Chakra.

tumblr_nirh1m1tTy1qj1jeoo2_500 (1)

The Sacral chakra, right at our pelvic area, is our passion and pleasure center. It is intimately connected to our reproductive and sexual organs. It is the center of feeling, pleasure, sensuality, creativity, intimacy, and connection. The Sacral is concerned with our relationship with others and the world around us, specifically our emotional identity and sexuality. It is associated with the color orange, and the energy of the Sacral chakra allows us to let go, to move, and to feel change and transformation occurring within us. When it is functioning properly, we experience life fully and fluidly in which we are able to intimately connect with others as well as ourselves and experience healthy and fulfilling sexual relationships. When it is blocked, we may experience anger, impatience, blocked creativity, difficulty or guilt about expressing sexuality, emotional imbalances, difficulty dealing with or accepting change, compulsive or obsessive behavior, or difficulties in relationships. We may also notice issues with the sexual organs such as low libido or infections, or reproductive issues like irregular cycles or fertility troubles.

Right smack dab at our belly button, we have the Solar Plexus.



The Solar Plexus is the seat of our power center. It is connected to our personal identity, our willpower, personality, and ego. It is the center of personal boundaries, confidence, responsibility, reliability, conscious choices, self-discipline as well as warmth of self and positive emotional expression. The energy of the Solar Plexus allows us to transform our creative ideas into action and movement. It encourages us to meet challenges and move forward, stepping into our personal power. It is associated with the color yellow as well as our digestive system. When it is functioning well, we have healthy boundaries, a sense of humor, balanced personal power, strong self-discipline and the ability to consciously choose, act, and positively express ourselves – laughter is associated with this chakra – and high self-esteem. When the Solar Plexus is blocked, we may experience oversensitivity, lack of self-worth or personal boundaries, power issues, aggression, nervousness, inaction or passivity, depression, lack of direction, or self-victimization. A blocked Solar Plexus may also manifest as digestive issues – literally not being able to “stomach” life.

Next, we have the Heart Chakra, sitting right at – you guessed it! – the heart.



The Heart Chakra is our central energetic balance point which unites the bottom 3 chakras with the top 3 chakras. It is the seat of love, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, and trust. It relates to deep bonds with others, a sense of caring and compassion both with self and others, and altruism, generosity, kindness, and respect. The Heart chakra reminds us that there is something greater than us of which we are all a part of by way of our connections to and relationships with each other. It is a reminder that love is the way. It is associated with the color green and sometimes pink, as well as the heart and lungs. When it is functioning properly, we are not only unconditionally loving, accepting, and forgiving towards others, but to ourselves as well. We are generous and compassionate, but also able to say no when we need to take care of ourselves first. When the Heart chakra is blocked, we may experience loneliness, isolation, fear of intimacy, distrust, disconnection, lack of compassion or forgiveness of both self and others, inability to reach out, feelings of superiority, possessiveness, excessive criticism, or jealousy. We may also experience issues with the heart, lungs, or immune system.

The Throat Chakra is located – again, you guessed it! – at our throat.



The Throat chakra is the seat of communication. It relates to our originality, our authenticity, our needs and emotions, inspired creativity, and speaking our truth. The energy of the Throat chakra encourages us to seek higher knowledge and share it with others, stand up for what we believe in, say no, and be open and honest with our expression as well as open to hearing other’s truths, too. It is associated with the color blue, and the thyroid, jaw, ears, mouth, and tongue. When the Throat chakra is functioning well, we are open and honest in our communication, willing to listen to others and hold space for their truth, and have strong personal integrity and a sense of honor. When it is blocked, we may experience difficulty knowing or expressing our truth, suppression of our emotions, needs, or creativity, dishonesty, or an inability to listen to others. We may also notice issues with the thyroid, swollen glands, TMJ and other jaw problems, hormonal disorders, ear infections or hearing loss, and issues with the mouth or teeth.

Sitting right at the space between our eyes, is our Brow Chakra.


The Brow chakra, also known as the Third Eye chakra, is the seat of our intuition. It relates to our inner knowing and seeing as well as our connection to the Universe. The energy of the Brow chakra allows us to access our inner guidance and wisdom that is always within us. It gifts us the ability to cut through illusion and see through the eyes of truth, knowing that nothing is truly black or white. The Brow chakra is connected to curiosity, perception, and knowing. It encourages us to trust our intuition and insights, develop our psychic abilities, and release limiting thoughts and beliefs. It is associated with the color indigo as well as the brain and eyes. When it is functioning properly, we are confident and trusting in our intuitive and psychic abilities, mindful and aware of life and the bigger picture, perceptive of the hidden messages within everything, and connected to our inner wisdom. When it is blocked, we may experience lack of faith in oneself or the Universe, overly mental approach to life, difficulty accessing our intuition, unable to focus our thoughts, mental rigidity, selective memory, lack of foresight. We may also notice headaches, coordination problems, learning disabilities, sleep disorders, and eye issues.


And lastly, the Crown Chakra, located right at the top of our head.



The Crown chakra is the seat of enlightenment. This chakra connects us to the Universe and the Divine. It is related to our spirituality, our sense of Oneness, and the pursuit of Divine knowing. It is the place where cosmic energy and consciousness are both received and given. The energy of the Crown chakra allows us to experience the interconnectedness between ourselves and all that Is, trusting and knowing that there is deep meaning in our lives and a sense of order that underlies all that exists. It also encourages us to transcend our ego and it’s attachments and connect with our higher selves, opening space for connecting to our personal purpose. It is associated with the color violet and the central nervous system and pituary gland. When it is functioning well, we feel connected to our spirituality and all that is a part of our world, aware of our Divine purpose, faithful, grateful, and trusting in the process of life, and guided by a higher power. When it is blocked, we may experience a lack of spiritual awareness or spiritual belief, a need for spiritual connection, a lack of purpose, distrust and lack of faith in life, excessive attachment to worldly things, and disconnection from self and others. It may also manifest as psychological problems, nervous system issues, headaches, and insomnia.

Awareness of our chakras and their imbalances is the key to becoming more responsible for and purposeful with our energy. Once we gain clarity around which chakras are blocked – and there may be a few! – we can then move forward into learning how to clear them and realign the energy flow within our bodies, ultimately opening space for greater wellbeing and the ability to use our energy to manifest the things we desire. Next time, I will be sharing with you exactly that – how to heal our chakras and get our energy moving freely again!




PS – Just as a little sidenote to the photograph of my aura, I had been doing a LOT of Root chakra work prior to this photo and it amazed me to see that there was actually a physical representation of all the work I had been doing to reign in that energy! Also – I still can’t get over how beautiful and colorful my boyfriend’s was!



14 thoughts on “Energy 101: Chakras

  1. Finally gotten around to read this, and I wanted to say both your aura and your boyfriend’s are so pretty! I’m new to the idea of Kirlian photography, so thanks for giving me something new to read for the next few days. 😀

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  2. This was great! I’ve been reading so much about the different chakras and have been so overwhelmed. This was a very delicate description and made it easy for me to understand the different chakras. Thank you!

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