Woman: Divinity Defined

“Woman is the light of God.”

– Rumi


To all my sisters of this world on International Woman’s Day:


Women of light,

of love,

of power:

You are 

At once

The ocean,

The waves,


It’s encompassing darkness.

Your spirit moves 




All that is and


that will ever be. 

You are 

at once

The mountains,

The cliffs,


The valleys.

Your strength holds


Guiding all

that moves through existence. 

You are

at once

In heaven 

On earth

In spirit 

On solid ground.

One foot in,

One foot out. 

Embodied angels

in human form.

Your Divinity


Yet palpable

To all you touch.

Like the sun,

You rise

No matter the occasion.

You shine

No matter the clouds. 

You warm

no matter the biting wind.


As you look into the mirror,

Look deeply

For there you will see 

Your infinity.

Happy YOU day. I think we all could benefit from celebrating ourselves much more often than a single day out of the year. We are magic, truly, and that is something to be honored. I have so many amazing women in my life that it’s difficult not to feel blessed to be a woman. The Divine Feminine rises. We can see this plainly looking back at the last year or so. I am so incredibly excited to be apart of a period of time in which this paradigm shift is taking place, and I feel strongly that I came into being when I did so that I could be both a witness and piece of it.

Celebrate yourself.

Honor yourself.

Love yourself.

Do the same for the women around you.

We are stronger together.


PS – I’m not at all a poet. I just like to pretend I am! ðŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “Woman: Divinity Defined

    1. 💜 Thank you, Gina. I was a bit nervous to share this as I don’t really write poetry but I felt called to share it anyway. You are so right, though. Our wounds are where the light comes in. Definitely something to be honored!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. “Look deeply

    For there you will see 

    Your infinity.”

    This is pure <3.

    I am a new blogger over here and I came to know about your blog through a comment of yours. I will be happy if you went through my blog and let me how you feel about it. Love.

    Liked by 1 person

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