Wonder Wednesday

“Become the sky. Take an axe to the prison wall. Escape.”

– Rumi

Happy Wednesday!

I’d like to talk a little bit about inspiration today.

Inspiration can be defined as “the process of being mentally or emotionally stimulated to do or feel something.”

It’s easy to lose sight of the gift of simply being alive. Looking at the big picture, our lives are but a nanosecond within all existence – just a cosmic blink of an eye. Yet, for just a moment, we are granted the opportunity to experience the beauty of being human here on Earth. This truth gets lost in the midst of responsibilities, duties, to-do lists, and everything else that can dampen our ability to see the silver lining and find reasons to be inspired.

The biggest factor in losing inspiration tends to be what I like to call the “messiness” of life. We become complacent, pessimistic, and unmotivated – all of which keeps us from being present and mindful enough to witness the multitude of reasons to be inspired. It’s a silly cycle. We lose inspiration because of the messiness. The lack of inspiration keeps us down. When we’re down it’s hard to find reasons to be inspired. More messiness happens and inspiration is nowhere to be found.

The thing about inspiration, though, is that it fills our cups. When they’re so empty there’s not even a drop left, inspiration replenishes. It fuels us. We need inspiration in order to be motivated, to find purpose, to be mindful and present within our lives, to drive us to keep moving through the messiness that happens within our lives with a sense of meaning and optimism. Inspiration is literal food for our souls.

So, today I wonder:

Where or in what/whom, do you find inspiration? What does it give you? How often do you consciously seek inspiration?




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