Energy 101: Energy Clearing

We’ve now learned what energy is, how energy shows up within our bodies, and how to heal our energy centers.

Today, I want to speak about clearing our energy body.

Whereas healing our chakras clears and paves the room for better energy flow within us, this is all about clearing the energy that surrounds us.

We may seem like we’re nothing more than a physical body, but as we’ve learned we have multiply layers of subtle energy bodies surrounding us. These layers are what makes up our aura. Our auras are a lot like a piece of Velcro. Not only do they contain all that we are in every given moment – thoughts, feelings, memories, etc. – but they also contain that of those we come in contact with. We’re constantly picking up energy fields around us, and they end up sticking to our aura which can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and discomfort.

Here’s a few examples:

Have you ever been in a great mood, and then visited with a friend who vented about her frustration about something? Did you walk away just a little less energized and maybe a little more irritated?

Or have you been in a busy shopping mall and walked out completely depleted and exhausted?

If you said yes, you picked up energy.

Now, these are just examples of a single situation in one day. Imagine being around several people, or even hundreds if you live in a busy city, and subtly picking up on all of their “stuff.” All of their thoughts and emotions sticking to you and dampening your energy field. The crazy thing is, we don’t even have to speak to another to pick up on this energy. The energy transference is always happening, no matter if we’re aware of it or not.


This is why clearing our energy body is so important. It can be difficult enough to deal with our own “stuff,” let alone another’s. Clearing our energy allows us to dissipate and release all that is not ours. It gets us back to center and brings our energy back to ourselves. Not only will it help release the external “stuff” we pick up, it also opens space for us to release the long-held internal “stuff” that’s no longer serving us or our energy. It helps release limiting thoughts and behaviors, shift our non-serving belief systems, clear stagnant energy by allowing emotions to pass through fully, and literally lightens our energetic load.

We’re clearer, lighter, more grounded and focused, inviting more flow into our lives and body by way of shifting the energetic space around us. We’re more balanced and present in our energy, in our relationships with others and Self, and life. More connected and able to discern the difference between who we are and how we are feeling (Psst! Our emotions and thoughts are not us!), allowing us to refrain from attaching to them and simply observing and accepting them as they are, as we are. Mindful of the fact that we have power, and always always always, a choice in what we take on and what we don’t, showing up fully and completely in our essence.

And, the awesome thing that happens when we clear our energy of all that is no longer serving us, nor ours to begin with, is that our vibrations become higher and allow room for more to come to us which matches our heightened vibration. Our reality becomes truly matched to who we are, and not all that “stuff.” The act of clearing creates space for what resonates with our own pure energy to make its way into our lives and serve as an opportunity to shine our light as bright as we can, embodying our Highest selves. This means a closer connection to our Divinity and more intimate knowledge of our purpose, ultimately allowing us the chance to act on and fully step into that purpose.

Before I get into the how’s, I want to share a disclaimer. Not only do other people’s energy affect us, as well as the non-serving internal stuff we hold onto, we must also be mindful of the energy we take in by way of music, movies, television shows, and food as well. Nowadays, we see violence and horror everywhere. Even if we’re consciously aware that it’s “not real,” we are still subtly picking up on the fear and anger that is being transferred through the act of watching or listening. This isn’t to say that we must cut it out completely. For example, I’m a horror movie lover, but if I recognize that I’m in a low energy state I will refrain from watching it until I’m feeling more balanced. The same goes for food that is processed or modified (literally lacking life force energy), animal products which have come from farms on which they were in fear or anxiety the entire time before slaughter (we are what we eat!), or even drinks such as soda, which have no nutritional (energy) value. Clearing often can help this, but if we continue to consume these sorts of things it can be difficult to keep our energy body clear and make it harder to maintain energetic balance. This is part of the reason why so many now are moving towards organic, unprocessed, fresh, and cruelty free products and consumables. Of course, I’m never going to tell you how to live, but I do feel some responsibility to share the energetic reality of these things! As always, do what feels right for you. You know yourself better than anyone, and that’s the one thing I would like you to take away from this, if anything at all!

So, how do we clear this energy?

There are several tools and techniques, so I’ll share a few that I really enjoy and have had great success with.

Many of these can also be used to clear spaces as well. For example, your home after an argument or bedroom after a sickness. Or, you may also have used furniture or vehicles that may have energy left over from past owners. Our spaces and things harbor and absorb all sorts of energy so it’s important to clear them, too.

  1. Salt: Salt is a powerful tool to absorb negative energy. If you’ve ever swam in the ocean, you’re probably aware of how cleansed you feel afterwards. Salt has the ability to absorb and transfer negative ions.
    • For self: Take a bath with sea salt or Epsom salt.
    • For space: Sprinkle salt around the area you want to cleanse. Leave it overnight and then vacuum it up the next day. Some also sprinkle salt around the borders of their home to repel negative energy. Placing salt lamps in your home can also help keep the space cleansed and clear as well.
  2. Smudging: Smudging is the act of burning herbs or branches, called a smudge stick, to repel and cleanse negative energy. It’s been used for thousands of years by Native Americans and many other native peoples. Most use Sage, but I have had success with branches of Cedar and Pine as well.
    • For self: Light the smudge stick, allow the flame to manifest, and then blow it out. Fan the smoke lightly around and over your body – don’t forget the bottom of your feet as well! As you move across each chakra, be sure to pull your hand away from your body almost as if you are pulling the energy out of you. Imagine the smoke burning away the negativity you may have picked up, and allow the process to continue until you feel as though it is done.
    • For space: In much of the same way, light the smudge stick and fan it all around the space with the intention that you are banishing the negative energy from existing there. Be sure to get all of the nooks and crannies – including closets/cabinets and under/behind furniture – and allow the windows to be open so that the energy has a place to go.
  3. Essential Oils/Incense. Both EOs and incense has been known to have purifying and cleansing properties. You’ll notice in many cleaners there are either orange oil or citrus oil in them. Both of these are powerful energy clearers. Some high-vibe cleansing EOs and incenses are Myrrh, Frankincense, Rose, Palo Santo, Sage, and Lavender.
    • For self: Anoint yourself with a diluted EO of your choice on the back of the neck, middle of the forehead, or on your pulse points. You may also simply inhale the aroma, doing the same with incense as well.
    • For space: Use a diffuser with high vibe oils or light incense sticks and allow the aroma to permeate throughout the space. Again, be sure to open the windows so the energy has somewhere to move. This can also be done while you have guests over, provided they have no allergies, to be sure that the energy stays balanced and comfortable.
  4. Visualization. Visualization can be a wonderful way to clear our energy as well.
    • For self: Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths until you feel yourself centered. Imagine a bright white light, maybe even the sun, bathing you to the point where you can no longer see your body. Imagine it is cleansing you of all the negative energy that you may be holding, and allow this to take place until you feel it is complete.
    • For space: Doing the same as above, imagine instead the same white light filling up the space and cleansing it of any stagnant, negative energy. Hold this until the process feels complete. You can also incorporate white candles into your space as a physical representation of this light.
  5. Nature. Nature in itself is healing, and so can be fantastic at balancing energy. Not only that, being outside and present in the midst of nature’s beauty is a great opportunity to let go of the negativity and find reasons to be grateful, ultimately heightening our vibration and allowing negative energy to fall away. Nature is naturally high vibration. Plants and trees have the ability to absorb harmful toxins, as well as harmful energy, and transmute it.
    • For self: Take a walk in nature, preferably in fresh air and sunshine.
    • For space: Introduce more plants into your home. Add purifying plants such as Aloe, Golden Pothos, Spider Plants, Areca Palms, English Ivy, Boston Ferns, or any other plant or flower that you feel particularly called to have.
  6. Sound. Bells, chimes, drums, and gongs have long been used to dispel negative energy and spirits. You may be familiar with the sound of wind chimes and how calming and relaxing they make you feel. The vibrations created by the sound of them resonate throughout the air and break up any stagnant and negative energies.
    • For self: Listen to calming and relaxing music, preferably with instruments such as drums, chimes, gongs, bells, and singing bowls. Sit quietly and focus on the vibration of the music, allowing it to break up anything that may be sticking to your energy body.
    • For space: In the same sense, playing similar music in a space can do the same thing. You may also actually play some of these instruments in a space, for instance a drum or a singing bowl, and do so until you feel as though the space feels more clear and balanced. You may hang wind chimes around your home as well.
  7. Laughter. There’s a good reason they say laughter is the best medicine. It’s not only good for our physical, mental, and emotional health, it’s also great for our energetic health, too. Joy is one of the highest vibrations there is. When we laugh, we can almost feel the vibrations within our stomach, up through our heart and into our throats. This vibration gets stagnant and stuck on energy moving through our body so that it can be released.
    • For self: Watch your favorite comedians, silly videos on YouTube, or share some funny memories with your loved ones. Get the laughter flowing.
    • For space: Invite loved ones over, watch a comedy flick, and play fun games. The effect of laughter is compounded when there are several people laughing in one space.
  8. Breath.
    • For self: Find somewhere comfortable, possibly even outside and even more preferably near a tree or live water. Close your eyes, and begin taking nice, deep breaths. On the inhale, imagine you are literally inhaling positive energy, and every exhale, exhaling any negativity that you may be feeling or that you may have absorbed. Continue doing this until you feel grounded and relaxed.
    • For space: This one isn’t exactly the best for clearing a space.
  9. Song/Chant. Singing and chanting all produce vibration in the throat. This vibration reverberates throughout our body and gets energy moving and out, much like the use of laughter or instruments like bells, gongs, and drums.
    • For self: Sing your favorite songs. Chant your favorite mantras. Make some noise and allow the vibrations to do their job.
    • For space: Doing the above will also help clear a space. Sing or chant as you clean or organize or work. This will no doubt heighten the frequency of the space and allow negativity to fall away.
  10. Movement. We all know how great moving can be for stress, depression, and our physical health. Getting some movement going can also help release any energy that may not be serving us.
    • For self: Dance, skip around, exercise, just get moving.
    • For space: Doing the same, especially dancing in a space, can help break up any energy it may be holding.
  11. Cleaning.
    • For self: Take a bath or shower. Water is naturally cleansing! As you sit or stand under the water, imagine it washing away any negativity that may have attached itself to you. Not only will you feel physically refreshed and clean, you will energetically as well. Also – be sure to drink lots of water as well!
    • For space: Dust the furniture. Clean the windows. Mop the floor. Organize your messes. Clear the clutter. Cleaning the space is symbolic for cleaning the energy.

So, there you have it! Just a few ways to clear our energy as well as the spaces we find ourselves in. We can also use prayer, Reiki, crystals, and amulets (like a cross, rosary, or hamsa) to cleanse ourselves and spaces as well.

As always, it takes time and practice to figure out what works for us individually. You may find singing works better for you than smudging, or movement works better than visualization. Whatever resonates with you is perfect. The key is to find something that can help us release what is not ours or no longer serving us so that we can step more fully into our power and purpose.

As we gain better control of our energy and more awareness of the energy we absorb, being sure to clear and bring our energy back to ourselves, we have the positive and open space to move into powerfully manifesting and creating that which we desire. Our light shines, our purpose is realized, and our reality shifts into one which will Divinely serve us in the Highest way.



23 thoughts on “Energy 101: Energy Clearing

  1. I’m so thankful when I have some time off to sit and read through your blogs. I needed this after nothing but hustle and bustle lately. My mind has been so overwhelmed lately, and this helps so much. ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love everything about this post Kayla. So much timely information just as I’m in the throes of decluttering,clearing energy and making space for new opportunities. Wonderful. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for the info, Kayla! I read it somewhere before (everywhere online, I mean 😆), so it’s great to read it again. Though there’s one question I always wonder; all the space energy cleansing articles I read say we can use a drum / gong to break up stagnant energy. I play occasionally on my acoustic piano; would that work too? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely! If you think about it, classical music is very healing and calming – think Bach and Mozart – I don’t know why piano wouldn’t be the same as bells, drums, and chimes! Actually I read recently that certain notes are beneficial for certain chakras, too.

      I found it!

      I also recommend looking into solfeggio frequencies. I’m not sure how difficult it would be to tune a piano (I’m not familiar!) but if so, you can definitely produce even more intensely healing sound.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the links and recommendations! I also read a lot about Solfeggio frequencies and played some Solfeggio sleep music from YouTube (I read YouTube videos loses some of the harmonics but I wouldn’t know 😅). It was nicer to sleep with it playing! But I haven’t played it in a while because a cricket moved in after a few nights of it; my husband didn’t want more crickets in the bedroom as they’re pretty loud’

        It’s not easy to tune an acoustic piano, I usually call in a professional tuner twice a year. When I watch him do it, I’m glad I’m not a tuner. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh good! I’m glad you found them to be helpful! 🙂 I think it’s funny that a cricket moved in after playing them – I wonder if it found the tones healing too!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Haha, probably! There’s a funny story to it too; I totally didn’t realise there was a cricket in the bedroom for a few days (I thought they were outside and I liked the ambience sound anyway), until my husband told me about it. I tried looking for it but I couldn’t find it, so I tried talking to the cricket (in my thoughts, not aloud). I tried telling it, “Um, my husband is having trouble sleeping at night; would you please move out or at least tone it down?” That night the cricket continued chirping. I thought, well, I tried my best, thought it would be nice if the cricket moved to the next (guest) bedroom.

        The next night, the cricket did move to the guest bedroom! My husband had a good sleep that night. 😀 Then the next night, the cricket moved to the other (guest) bedroom; I wondered why it was moving rooms a lot; maybe to escape from our “pet lizard” (a common house gecko)? It spent the next two days moving rooms, and suddenly one night there were no more chirps. I wonder if it did escape back outside, but I still daren’t play anymore Solfeggio music in case it comes back. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Lol! How funny! I love it. That reminds me of when I lived in the country with my boyfriend. We had mice and I’d always mentally ask them to stay out of sight during the day so I wouldn’t have to see them. I knew they’d always be there – it’s the country after all – and didn’t want to kill them. They seemed to oblige me! Lol except there was one that routinely got into my succulents and would chew them up 🙄

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