Wonder Wednesday 

I am a firm believer in the idea that each and every person we connect with in this life is a powerful teacher.

Whether it’s teaching us humility, patience, compassion, tolerance, etc. everyone we meet blesses us with an opportunity to learn lessons that act as catalysts in our personal and spiritual growth.

Living according to this idea shifts our perspective into one in which we can ask, “What is this here to teach me? What can I learn from this?” rather than seeing the unpleasant or uncomfortable situations we will inevitably find ourselves in throughout our lives as a chance to seek victimhood and ask, “Why me?

Not only does it empower us and create a deeper sense of meaning in our lives and its myriad of experiences, the thought that each interaction and experience is a teacher also opens space for wisdom to be made manifest, space in which we connect more fully to our essence and Higher Selves. We grow with and through each moment of our lives, stepping more firmly into our Divine truth and purpose.

Today, I wonder:

Who/what has been your greatest teacher? What wisdom have you gained through their/its lessons? If not, how do you think your life could shift if you began viewing everyone/everything in your life as a teacher?

Let me know in the comments below!

My greatest teachers have been, unsurprisingly, those who have hurt me the most. They shed light on places within me that needed healing, and I’ll forever be grateful for those lessons and experiences. Without them, I would not have been aware of the things I needed to heal, and thus, would not have had the opportunity to grow.



18 thoughts on “Wonder Wednesday 

  1. For me its been the kind ones, I have learnt over the years to shield my self from hurt very well, a wall that is very strong so while I don’t disagree I could learn from the hurts I never let it affect me. I always choose to see the light though I do say I like staying in the shadows. Kindness and gentleness is the best teacher, ask any kid in school, while they remember the harsh teachers and lessons in their memories it makes them bitter while their heart remembers the kindest ones and makes them better people for it. Love your reflection Kayla, very thought inspiring!

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    1. Thank you for sharing, Gina. All so true. I definitely agree with you that kindness is the best teacher – I should say that I’ve learned a lot from that as well, or even better, love. I do believe there’s a gem to be found in every bit of the spectrum of human experience 🙂 I am also glad you choose to see the light, as it is always there in some form for us to witness. The shadows can be comforting at times – I can definitely relate! Always love hearing from you. Thank you again.

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  2. For me my greatest teachers have been both people and events. The events have been hard and difficult things. The people have been the ones who believed in me. Not always agreed with me but believed in me.

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    1. Ah yes! I love this, Anne. Especially the mention that the people were those who didn’t always agree with you but still believed in you. Such a shift happens when we realize that both can exist at once. I wonder what it is that they taught you if you’d be willing to share? 🙂


  3. My greatest teacher has been life. I have learnt what is happiness, when to give up, when not to give up. Until three years ago, I was neglecting ‘me’. I was living somebody else’s dream, I was afraid to move out of my comfort zone, I was afraid of failures. What changed now? Three years ago, due to dentist’s mistake, I had a facial nerve damage and one half of my face was paralysed. I lost my job, people whom I thought were friends were no longer talking to me. Doctors gave up hope on my recovery. But now when I look back at it, I feel I am brave to have come out of it, I never gave up hope of recovering. I even say it’s my rebirth. I no longer choose to be a doormat or follow other people’s dreams (just because it makes them happy). I choose my happiness, I understood ‘me’ better. My life now is way better than what it was before this incident. 🙂

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    1. Wow! This is a beautiful, beautiful testament to life itself being a teacher. What a journey you’ve been on, and to make it out, or in your wonderful words – being reborn, even stronger and more connected to yourself and your happiness is brilliant! You are absolutely brave and I am honored you shared this with me here. Thank you!


  4. Your posts are all so inspiring and amazing. I feel so light and calm after reading them. You might be aware as I have mentioned it many times on my blogs that I am in love with nature. Nature is my greatest teacher. The lotus flower blooms admist the mess around it. We too can avoid the negativities around us and still remain pure. And it’s very true that people who often find faults in us, teach us the greatest lessons of life 🙂

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Prerna. I always look forward to hearing from you! What a lovely thing to say, too. That means a lot knowing that my words have a calming effect. Thank you. I also love that nature is your greatest teacher! So much to learn there – especially the lotus. I appreciate the lesson you’ve gained from it. “We too can avoid the negativities around us and still remain pure.” Exactly! I would even go a step further and say that instead of avoiding, we can actually embrace negativities and bloom within and despite them! 🙂

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  5. Great post Kayla and so inspiring and so true our greatest teacher is our Life itself and it has taught us so much that we are still learning and of course it will take us to meet teachers who will guide us in the right direction too but it is us who have to finally learn where we want to go in our Life. Thanks loved the words.

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    1. Thank you, Kamal. I love your insight here that we are still learning – always learning! And I absolutely agree with the thought that ultimately it is us who chooses to learn the lessons bestowed upon us, no matter how many teachers we may meet! So true!

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  6. Really glad I’m following you, Kayla. I’ll have to chew on these questions today, because an immediate answer doesn’t come to mind, but I can feel that identifying where my greatest lessons come from so that I can be a better life student (and teacher) is going to be helpful as I continue to grow.

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  7. This is very timely for me at the moment Kayla as in I’m currently dealing with someone who’s far from pleasant and who I have to learn from, whether I like it or not. So I have to change my mindset. Great post, thank you.

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