International Happiness Day

Today was International Happiness Day! 

I actually didn’t even realize this until I came across Lee’s post over at her blog Golden Pink Journal just a bit ago. 

She invited her followers to partake in a challenge of listing 20 things that create a sense of happiness for us. I’m super late on this, but I decided to join her! πŸ™‚ 

  1. Deep belly laughs
  2. Random acts of kindness 
  3. Watching and interacting with children
  4. Dancing wildly and unabashedly
  5. Painting
  6. Organizing/decorating my space
  7. Choosing my outfit/jewelry for the day
  8. Sky gazing 
  9. Connecting with genuine, positive people
  10. Eating fresh, juicy fruits, veggies, and greens – also the occasional dark chocolate 
  11. My morning tea time
  12. Being of service in whatever way I can
  13. Sitting in front of my altar and playing my singing bowl
  14. Being a witness to others personal realizations and shifts 
  15. Being intensely curious about life and each person I meet
  16. Hiking outdoors and exploring new places with my boyfriend
  17. My self-Love and beauty ritual
  18. Me time 
  19. Feeling intensely connected to myself and my spirituality 
  20. Finding inspiration in each moment

What inspires happiness for YOU?! I’m so curious!



21 thoughts on “International Happiness Day

  1. Reblogged this on Stories of a Highly Sensitive Introvert and commented:
    Wow, I didn’t know that! It’s already almost the end of Tuesday 21 Mar 2017 for me, but well, they all say better late than never, so Happy International Happiness Day to everyone! Thanks for the reminder, Kayla. ❀

    Also, I’m joining Kayla at the challenge of listing 20 things that create a sense of happiness for us! Except I’m going to do it a little differently and list 20 things that made me happy today. [Actual list to be appended to my post or this comment will be super long! πŸ˜›]

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  2. Wow I’m just seeing this, loved your list and thank you for participating!πŸ’– a few of these actually almost made it on my list lol but since there could only be 20 I had to eliminate some. I loveeee fruitttπŸ˜‹

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  3. Having a really good conversation with someone totally random, no matter their age or beliefs, or whether they are similar to me, just connecting over our shared humanity! ❀️ …And also, I’ve got to agree with you about the tea, though I prefer my cup in the evening!

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    1. Yes! That is definitely something that brings me happiness as well. I realize in those moments the truth that everyone has a story! And at the end of the day, we really aren’t that different in that respect. πŸ’œ

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