Energy 101: Grounding

“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.”

– J. R. Rim

I’m sure we’re all familiar with the phrase “stay grounded.”

But what does it really mean?

Most people would say that it means being down to earth, and in a sense, this is true.

Energetically speaking, being grounded is all about keeping our energy focused and centered within ourselves and reconnecting us with our physical experience.

When we’re not grounded, we may feel scattered, confused, out-of-body, flighty, or just a little “off.” It can cause us to feel excessively sensitive, overly imaginative, anxious, exhausted, or restless. A lack of grounding can also open up holes in our energetic body to allow unwanted energy to attach itself to us, as well as allow our energy to leak out in an unintentional way.

Grounding our energy is important as it allows us to become centered and conscious within our lives, our thoughts, our emotions, and our physical body. It allows us to focus our energy in an intentional way, opening space for purposeful manifestation and complete presence in our human experience, as well as keeps our energy body intact and thriving. Grounding rebalances our energetic system so that we can fully and completely move forward with power, ease, and awareness of both self and environment. We are totally present, in the Now, and can think and act clearly – responding, rather than reacting to any situations or experiences we find ourselves in.

There are multiple ways to ground ourselves, but to save time I will share 5 techniques that I believe are the most simple and practical to use.

Remember, once we’ve cleared our energetic body, we must also take the time to ground. Clearing only takes care of what stuck to us by way of the external. Grounding brings our own personal energy back into complete harmony once we’ve cleared it of all that is not serving us. Think of it as though you cleaned out your closet but now have to place that which you want back into it, organizing it in just a way that feels balanced and comfortable to you. Grounding puts everything back into its right place. I also encourage you to make it a daily habit to ground yourself, no matter how the days are. Our energy can both leak out and hold attachments from others in little ways that we’re not consciously and overtly aware of.

  1. Earthing: Earthing is probably my favorite way to ground myself. It entails going outside in bare feet and standing/sitting/laying in the grass, sand, or dirt, physically connecting to the Earth. While directly contacting the Earth, our bodies are saturated with negative charged free electrons and equalizes to the same electric energy level as the planet. This has actually been researched and found to have beneficial effects on our physiology and overall health, specifically our cardiovascular system and cortisol levels. Sleeping outside is another great way to earth! If you’ve ever camped before, I’m sure you’ve noticed how much more relaxed and connected to the present moment you feel afterward. It’s some powerful medicine.
  2. Tree visualization: Get comfortable – this can be anywhere, but being outside is even better. 10 points if you can find a tree to sit under! Close your eyes. Visualize roots growing out through your feet and into the ground. Imagine extending those roots all the way into the center of the earth and anchoring themselves there. Hold this in your mind’s eye for a few moments, until you feel grounded and secure – just like a tree!
  3. Root chakra exercises: In reference to our chakras, a lack of groundedness is a sign that our Root chakra may be out of balance. Our Root chakra connects us to the Earth and our physicality. For this reason, many of the activities/tools to heal the Root chakra can help ground us. This includes physical activities, eating root veggies/protein, working with crystals/aromatherapy specific to the Root, and cleaning our space.
  4. Meditation: Meditation in itself is a great way to ground our energy. It brings us into the now, instantly bringing us back into body and becoming aware of our physical existence and energetic being. The best times to do this is in the morning and at night. It prepares us for a centered day, and ends them out on a grounded note, especially if some form of energetic attachments made their way into our field. Here’s a great guided meditation called the body scan which instantly brings us back into the physical and centers our energy (PS – I plan to start sharing my own guided meditations soon with you all!).
  5. Breath: When we’re ungrounded, we often feel anxious or out of sorts, which tends to manifest itself through the body as shallow breathing. We can use the breath, then, to help ground this energy and get us back to center. A wonderful breathing technique to help ground is to take full deep breaths into our belly. On the inhale (be sure to do this through the nose), breathe deeply into your diaphragm, noticing your belly rise as it fills. Inhale for 4 seconds. Hold for 2. Exhale through your mouth for 4. Do this for about 10 full breaths, or more, if you feel you need to. Another option is to use what are called “breath poems.” They are typically practiced the monastics and lay practitioners of the Buddhist teacher  Ven Thich Nhat Hanh. The way they work is you read the first line on the inhale, and the second line on the exhale, alternating with each line. If you’re feeling particularly ungrounded, you may want to repeat the poem a few times. One of my favorites is the following:
    • I have arrived
    • I am home
    • In the here
    • In the now
    • I am solid
    • I am free
    • In the ultimate
    • I dwell

I hope this has been helpful! As always, find what works for you. These are just a handful of techniques to ground, so I encourage you to continue looking if none of the above seem to resonate with you.

We’re living in a fast-paced and often chaotic world these days. If you feel a bit wobbly or off-kilter, check in and make sure you’re grounded. If not, utilize the tool of your choice to get you and your energy back to center so that you can fully experience your role as a spiritual being in a physical body. As though you are taking care of and harmonizing your spirit’s physical “home,” just as you would your literal house!

Once we learn how to ground, we can then learn how to shield and harness our energy to manifest and complete our goals.


What do you do when you feel ungrounded? Feel free to share, as I’m always happy to hear from you!



16 thoughts on “Energy 101: Grounding

  1. I enjoy reading posts like this because I’m at that point in life where I’m trying to let go of negativity and pain from the past, trying to be more positive every day. Meditation is always in the equation as well as the others you mentioned I see often. Great post🙂

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  2. Great post as always, Kayla, and thanks for the reminder to do grounding! I’ve been following the tree root method since a few weeks ago, but haven’t been the last couple of days. 😛

    I live in an apartment, so the earthing method is a bit tricky, so I have a black tourmaline bracelet to help me with grounding and my root chakra. 🙂 My meditation method focuses on breath (rising and falling chest), so looks like I’m doing something right! 😀

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    1. Thank you, Nicolle! You definitely are! I’d also suggest (if you’re not already) to hold the black tourmaline in your right hand as you meditate! Right hand is the hand for releasing energy, left is for receiving. 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on A Healing Grief and commented:
    Since this was our topic yesterday, we thought we would share this blog piece with you. I do not know how I forgot to mention earthing since I do it all the time. Ever since I was a small child I have hated shoes and go bare foot as much as possible.

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  4. Such a great post Kayla with so many wonderful tips. In fact today I might step outside in bare feet and feel that freshly grown grass under my feet. Needing a bit of grounding. Thank you for another inspiring read.

    Liked by 1 person

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