Wisdom Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

I’m so excited to share this new journey into weekly intuitive card pulls with all of you!

Today we’ll be working with the Enchanted Tarot. It’s a beautiful, ethereal derivative of the traditional Tarot that is created by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. This was my first deck and because of that, very close to my heart. Amy created incredible fabric collages for each card and her husband, Monte, is the writer of the words within the accompanying book.

In honor of this being the first post of many, I have done a three card spread. The first represents the past, second the present, and third the future. I encourage you to pay attention to the art and words shared today, allow your intuition to guide you and receive what you need out of this draw. It’s a general reading for all of us so I am sure you will resonate with some aspect of it! πŸ™‚

img_7722-1Past: The Tower; Present: Six of Hearts; Future: The Hanged Man


Past: The Tower

Number: 7 – Spiritual development and connection, initiation, change, renewal

Meaning: Sudden change, upheaval

When we look at this card, we see the lightning bolt hitting the old Tower – old structure – and completely blasting it apart. A man-made monument reduced to ruins by natural law. The village below the mountain base of the Tower holds people who are questioning whether the old older can survive. The explosion has cleared space for new growth. Lighting has struck, but enlightenment may follow. Have you ever felt safe within the confines of your life, finding comfort within your current thoughts, beliefs and expectations? Then, seemingly out of the blue, something big happens that completely destroys your picture of peace and harmony, completely throwing you for a loop? The Tower speaks to a sudden realization that our comfort was based on a faulty foundation. This experience is humbling and scary, but absolutely necessary for our own growth. We may have experienced something recently that shook up our status quo and sense of security, making us feel a bit insecure and afraid. Something that forces us to question our strongly-held beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and behaviors. The biggest thing the Tower shows us is that with destruction comes creation. It’s an awakening of the new, making space for inspiration, freedom and release from the bondage of our old false systems of belief.

Questions to ask: What structures in my life have broken up? How can I use this destruction of the old to create something more solid and based in truth?


Present: Six of Hearts

Meaning: Joy

When we look at this card, we see children frolicking under and within hearts. A sense of joy and nostalgia may be felt. Children are inherently non-critical and innocent. Love in a child’s eyes is undemanding and life was filled with joyful play. The world is new and time moved slower, allowing space to savor it completely. Six of Hearts calls on us to go back and see and hear through the eyes and ears of a child, dwelling within each moment and experience with a youthful happiness and enthusiasm. As a present card, this may mean that by some twist of fate, a person, a feeling, a memory, a smell, a touch or taste from childhood makes its appearance in our life. This may mean taking time to do the things we used to love as a child ourselves. Finding the space to connect with our inner child is imperative here. As we recognized in the Tower, lots of change has been brewing and the Six of Hearts calls on us to invoke enthusiasm, open-mindedness, and excitement for what is to come through the destruction of the old. It’s calling on us to trust that all things will get better as we move through change with understanding and optimism. The future is an open book is the message of the Six of Hearts. We are to get back to our innocence and learn how to play again as life truly is a playground for our spirits to learn, grow, and experience. The possibilities are endless.

Questions to ask:  What do I need to do for myself to get back to my inner child? How can I bring in more enthusiasm, joy, and a sense of possibility in my life? Am I willing to be open-minded about what has happened?


Future: The Hanged Man

Number: 3 – Careful planning, growth leading to spiritual development, rebirth

Meaning: Letting go, sacrifice

Under a calm, blue sky and above a flowering earth, a man hangs upside down, suspended by one foot from the tail of a dragonfly. The dragonfly represents that this is far from torture, but that of a natural process – one that is based on renewal and positive force. The man’s life is in limbo but his face shows total acceptance and faith in this moment of surrender to a higher force. His pattern of life has been reversed to view an alternate outlook. The water flowing beneath him symbolizes that he has risen above emotional turmoil to accept the suspension of his typical way of living. As he hangs, he seems to be in a state of waiting, possibly in the midst of internalizing and incorporating this new perspective with the help of his inner voice, so that he may be free to walk again with a sense of expansion and spiritual growth. The Hanged Man as a future card is affirmation that through the change of the Tower and the non-attachment and enthusiasm of the Six of Hearts, we may come to a new perspective and thus, a new chapter of growth. In surrendering to what has been and what is, being patient and suspending any action, and paying attention to the perspective shift that comes, we may continue on our journey with a feeling of renewal, rebirth, and awakening.

Questions to ask: Am I willing to pause and surrender? Am I willing to trust that all change is an opportunity for growth and expansion? Am I willing to have faith that I will come out of this renewed and stronger than ever?


Spirit Card: Four of Hearts

Meaning: Re-evaluation

If you are bored and dissatisfied with where your path has led, withdraw from distraction and examine your “heart of hearts.” What insight can you find there within your inner wisdom? What is your goal and how has your mind distracted you from it? The Four of Hearts calls on us to re-evaluate our inner circumstances and create a course of action which harmonizes with our heart so that we may receive what we desire. Have you been bogged down by negativity, hopelessness, or limitation? We must cut through those forces which undermine our happiness and success and rise above them by reconnecting with our inner truth and wisdom. In doing so, we open space for true joy, enthusiasm, and growth.


What did you gain from this spread? Did anything in particular resonate with you?

Let me know below! I’d love to hear from you.

This reading was so on time for me personally. I’ve been going through a lot of breakdowns of old, ancient belief systems and patterns of thought. Trust, joy, enthusiasm, and patience is needed in order for me to expansively move forward and come out the other side renewed and free.



18 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday

  1. Hello Kayla. I can relate with all the four cards. Destruction, loss, set backs in my past; I am finding ways to be more happy in the present and I feel after the destruction (health), I have had a rebirth so looking forward to a new life in the future. πŸ™‚ And at the same time, I am working on my spiritual growth, re-evaluating self and trying to see how I can make things better and shun negativity.

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  2. Wow, you’re good. My son died on Mother’s Day three years ago. This led me to get rid of old beliefs and my old life and stop putting up with things that no longer serve. This caused my Spiritual Awakening and gave the me the courage to use my psychic abilities again, which I used constantly as a child. Every day that passes I am stronger than the last in every way.

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  3. All very apt cards right now.. As the world may appear to be falling. It is also asking us to look deeper for out of the ashes we rise. When we learn to go within and find our inner child.. <3.. Beautiful cards and thank you Kayla xx

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  4. Yes indeed. Recently I had to make a break with something from my past that was negative. I am working now on opening up to more joy. I have learned over my life that change is not threatening but usually a new horizon opening up. There is a change of location just ahead for me. Thank you for this post.

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  5. Wow, cool! It’s the first time I’m seeing an actual tarot card reading, so it’s interesting. πŸ˜€

    My eyes was first drawn to The Tower card; even without reading your description, I got the general idea of a concrete world falling apart, in a sense that whatever reality as I / we know it is / has broken down. It wasn’t until you mentioned the natural lightning vs man-made tower that I realised that. πŸ˜› It made sense to me, because I’m currently working on processing my not-exactly-fantastic childhood, and coming close to closing that chapter of my life (I feel like blogging about it will really close the chapter, but it involves writing about not-so-nice stuff about my parents, so I’m still having that internal debate). The feeling that I get from this card is that the reality as I knew as a child isn’t the real thing, because lack of love isn’t natural, and that reality has broken down to make way for a new, better present / future. πŸ™‚

    The first general feeling I got from The Six of Hearts card was happiness and joy. That’s the direction I’m trying to go to now, trying to see everything with a child-like curiosity (i.e. “Wow, that’s interesting!” Because I spent many years being dissociative as a child, I guess in a way I’m learning to be a child again. πŸ˜†

    At first I thought The Hanged Man card was something negative, since the man was being hanged upside-down (loss of control). But then he’s not struggling, and he’s just calmly going along for the ride as he passes a beautiful flower field. And it’s cute dragonfly taking him for a ride! I had to cheat and read your interpretation for this, after that I got a feeling of letting go and trusting things will work out for the best. πŸ˜€

    The Four of Hearts card is the only card I don’t quite grasp yet, in a “Okay, so it means that, now what?” Kind of way. Maybe its message is not resonating with me?

    Haha, sorry for the sudden wall of text, it got a little out of hand because it’s just so interesting. ❀️

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    1. Wow, Nicolle! You’ve got a great intuitive perception! I have to say this really stuck out to me and gave me goosebumps as I read it – “… the reality as I knew it’s not the real thing because lack of love isn’t natural..” wow. So much wisdom in that statement! I commend you for this realization and I know that through this awareness you will be able to break free and prosper. πŸ’œ as far as the Four of Hearts goes, it’s pretty much a magnifying card for all three. What is in your heart and how can you best use that wisdom to fulfill the process of change and rebirth? For example, you actually utilized your heart wisdom by coming to the above realization surrounding your childhood, which has paved the way for letting go and surrendering to the new, opening up space to return to your inner child and shift your perspective on life. 😊 hope that helps!

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      1. Haha, I’m glad I give you goosebumps! It wasn’t intentional but it felt incredible anyway. πŸ˜€

        I’m still in the middle of processing but I feel I’m making progress enough to even say it out loud here. Thanks for your kind words, because they really help too. ❀

        And thanks for explaining the Four of Heart card to me! As I went back to look at the card, I did recall the card feeling a bit “motherly”, like a mother is guiding a toddler by the hand to walk with lots of ❀❀❀. I think that’s what the heart wisdom is; guidance from the heart. Or something. I’m not sure if I’m articulating it well, but hey, at least I’m practicing. πŸ˜›

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