Shift-It Saturday 

The journey of becoming is filled with landscapes of various proportions. While we cannot avoid them, we can extend our hope and faith in the process by trusting the universe to guide us. How do we do this? By listening to our intuition and following it!  

Today, I encourage you to dream big and step fully into the journey of YOU. 

Go within for a moment. What step can you take now that brings you closer to your dream? 



9 thoughts on “Shift-It Saturday 

  1. That last panel of the comic really strikes me! I know I’ve had help loads of times in ways that I can’t really explain; the easiest would be having found a parking spot in a busy area when I was looking, which happens pretty often. ❤️

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  2. Lovely use of landscape “of various proportions” as metaphor for our inner and outer journeys in the interests of our highest good. I think what I’m learning for myself is that determining what’s most important for me in my life is key. This is not necessarily a small task. Reflecting about what I can learn about myself when I get into “mucky” ground, “hostile territory” or when I make “mis-steps”, helps. I, too, have had “miracle helping” occur on the road to myself and my hopes and dreams — steps to where I’m going linking together like magic, gifts given. And I’ve had the reverse, too. Barriers and obstacles showing up all in a row. The more I know who I am, the more rewarding the journey. Thanks. xoA

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    1. Absolutely! The “messiness” has loads of wisdom in it if only we have the courage to dive into it. 🙂 I’m so happy you’ve experienced the amazing gift of what you so wonderfully call “miracle helpers.” Love that! I’d even go a step further and say that the barriers and obstacles are also miracle helpers in the way that they allow us to get clear and reflect on why they’re there and learn what it is they’re showing us within ourselves – ultimately propelling us over them completely! The journey itself is a journey to ourselves. Thank you so much for sharing, A. 💜


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