Wisdom Wednesday 

Welcome back to Wisdom Wednesday!

Today, we’ll be doing a one card pull from both the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms oracle deck and the Numerology Guidance deck.

Both of these are awesome in their own ways. The oracle deck has some beautiful illustrations within it and the numerology deck is great as I’ve always had a connection to numbers and have dabbled in numerology for years, making reports for my friends and loved ones. I really love using the latter as a magnifying card.

The Shadow Queen

Meaning: Acquiring knowledge, insecurity, manipulation

Is there something you feel is hidden? As an ally, the Shadow Queen has come with a lantern to shed light on what is concealed within us or the situation at hand. Too many details are hidden behind our circumstances and prevent us from moving forward as quickly as we would like to. The Shadow Queen calls on us to have patience and wait for more to be revealed. Maybe we lack clarity and the knowledge of how to proceed. It’s time to dig deep and educate ourselves more about the intention we’ve held and put the information we gain to work for us. She asks us to gain strength and courage to perhaps ask someone in the know that could help shed more light on this experience. Just beware of moving forward to quickly in the dark as we will likely trip and fall, setting ourselves up for unnecessary pain and having to start all over again.

Questions to ask: How can I gain more knowledge around this circumstance? Is there anyone I know that could shed light? Am I willing to have patience?

Adventure (55)

Meaning: Change, adeventure, life experience, opportunity

Adventure as a magnifying card is calling on us to view our circumstances and the pursuit of knowledge as an adventure. We’re being encouraged to step out of our box and to be inquisitive and daring in our approach. In order to improve our current situation, we’re asked to adjust to and harmonize with the natural rhythm and cycles of our lives – cycles that are ultimately leading us to new experiences and people who may help clarify or shed light on the truth of the matters at hand. We must open ourselves up to the unknown, dive in, and have faith that all will make itself known if we hold the perspective that this “walk in the dark” is nothing but another adventure, stimulating our life force and enhancing our connection to the Universe.

Questions to ask: Am I willing to move through the unknown with a sense of adventure and trust? Am I willing to stay open to and embrace what comes?

Quite an interesting pull, indeed! Patience, inquiry, openness, and adventure is what we are looking at this week, especially in concern to a situation that we may be struggling with at the moment. Only then will we be able to move forward with complete clarity!



9 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday 

  1. Thank you Kayla both decks look great cards.. And yes, I think many now are within those uncertainties within the world.. So Patience, as those changes are given time to manifest..

    Love and Blessings. and these weeks are flying xx ❤ 🙂

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  2. Both these cards you have just elaborated on brings much meaning to me this week, somehow you have a connection to my spiritual awareness! Thank you Kayla, your words soothe and lift me, truly! I am reading this again slower and with my journal and taking notes. thank you for bringing much needed clarity from your sharing and writing!

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  3. Hey Kayla, sorry it took me a while to get to this! I wanted to find a quiet time to sit down and actually look at the cards, rather than just glancing at it in between activities (for some reason I’m still pretty busy this week. 😅) I’m not really familiar with oracle cards and number cards, so this is pretty interesting to me!

    The Shadow Queen oracle card took a while for me to form a general idea of it, and I might be biased because I like fantasy media – this card feels like a symbol of power and knowledge. As an enemy, she could be manipulative, using her knowledge of dark arts to slow / stop us; as an ally, she lifts the darkness shrouding the path ahead, to let light to show us the way. The number card was a bit easier; to see everything as fun as an adventure. 🙂

    On the day you drew this card, I wrote a post about losing my cat. I suppose the darkness of doubt was shrouding me over her death, that I was unable to deal with her death for the last three years, and once that was lifted, I was able to actually see the reason she came into my life and bid goodbye to her.

    And as for the adventure bit? With my cat’s story, I collaborated with 9 other bloggers for the first time, on the topic of loss. Now that I think about it, I once wrote this line in a fantasy novel, in the words of a dying adventurer to his tearful son, “Death is just another adventure into the realms of the unknown.” How coincidental is that? 😀

    I wonder if that was the right interpretation; do let me know what you think. ❤

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    1. Hi Nicolle 😊 I’m in love with your interpretation of the Shadow Queen! And I want to mention – any interpretation or meaning you glean from these is right and perfect as it’s speaking to you in exactly the way that you need. 💜 I’m sorry for the loss of your cat. So glad you’ve been able to come to see the meaning behind your relationship to her and use such an experience as a catalyst for your own growth. How exciting for you! Also – LOVE that line! So true!

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      1. Haha, great that you love my interpretation! It’s good to know any interpretation is perfect for me; I was a little worried because I did have fantasy media influence. Then again, my dreams are like scenes of a fantasy game / movie, so I guess that’s how my head works. 😛

        Yes, it took a while, but I’m glad I came to terms with my cat’s passing too. I did feel like I grew some. ❤

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