Intuition 101: Types of Intuition

Welcome back to Intuition 101!

So far we’ve learned what intuition is, how to connect to it, and how to discern between our intuition and our ego.

Today I’d like to talk about how intuition may show up for you.

As I’ve mentioned before, intuition is a totally individual experience. Some people may hear an actual voice, others may see an image, some may feel something within the body, and other people may experience a deep knowing.

Each and every one of us have been “preprogrammed,” if you will, with the ability to connect to our Higher Selves and the Divine. This ability shows up differently within each of our experiences.

The Four Types of Intuition

  1. Clairsentience: Clear feeling/sensing. Clairsentience is the most common and tends to be the first developed type of intuition. This type manifests as physical sensations within the body. You might walk into a room and pick up on the energy of it. In a negative environment you may feel nauseated, tense, or claustrophobic. In a positive environment, it might be butterflies in the stomach, a fluttery heart, or the urge to laugh. Upset people may drain you, while happy people may energize you. When you have a hunch about something, you feel it in the gut, or experience a sudden desire to do something you wouldn’t usually do or a pull to something that seems random at the time but ends up resulting in a welcome surprise. Clairsentience also falls in line with those who are incredibly empathetic, able to sense and feel the emotional experience of someone or something else. You may viscerally experience others emotions to the point of total enmeshment, as though you are them.
  2. Claircognizance: Clear knowing. This type manifests as a simple, yet profound knowing. You might be able to just know how something will work out, and then end up correct, or have the ability to fix or assemble something without any direction. You may experience a sudden insight into something randomly and without warning, like just knowing you shouldn’t turn this direction when driving or knowing that you shouldn’t trust this new person, without having any proof and then finding out later that it saved you from being hurt. Often, this knowing is incredibly strong and you have a strong urge to follow what it’s telling you, even if you don’t understand it.
  3. Clairaudience: Clear hearing. This type manifests as intuition showing up as an actual voice – whether within or outside of you. It could be a phrase or a simple word. It may also show up as hearing a song on the radio at the perfect time with the perfect message, overhearing the thing you need to hear within someone’s conversation, or even picking up on the thoughts of those around you. You might be able to immediately pick up on the tones and inflections of others voices and discern whether they’re being honest or not. You may even hear things others cannot, like music or sounds.
  4. Clairvoyance: Clear seeing. This type manifests as vivid dreams, the ability to see auric fields, sudden visions that are precognitive, mental images or even something like mini-movies that pop into your awareness. You may be able to easily visualize the outcome of a choice. It may be more subtle, seeing a color, number, or symbol in your minds eye.

Once we know how exactly our intuitive wisdom connects with us as an individual, it makes it a lot easier to recognize when we’re receiving an intuitive hit. For instance, you may find you’re clairaudient, and so when you hear the little whisper or however it is that you experience it, you know that that’s your intuition speaking and you can make the choice to follow it. The more we heed our intuition, the stronger our connection gets and the easier it becomes to receive the messages given by our inner guru.

I’d also like to share that, while we may have one (or two!) dominant intuitive type(s), we absolutely have the ability to develop and strengthen all of them. As with anything, it simply takes practice.

If you’re curious about how to develop your non-dominant types, let me know below! I can do a post that highlights exercises for each type.



28 thoughts on “Intuition 101: Types of Intuition

  1. This is an excellent post! For me I find that 1 and 2 are my dominant ones. And although I do experience vivid dreams quite often, 3 and 4 I find are weaker. I would love to find learn more about no. 3 “clear hearing”. Thank you! 🙂

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  2. I am clairsentient and when I was a practicing medium within the Spiritualist circuits would be given internal visions as my guides would help place inner visions and I would intuitively interpret them.. Instantly having that ‘Knowing’ of the person I was linking in for..
    Great post and so agree about us connecting with our ‘higher-selves’

    Have a wonderful week Kayla

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    1. Thank you, Sue. Always love hearing from you! So interesting that you seemed to be able to mesh the two together in order to be of service in the highest way for those you were “linking in for.” Love to you! ❤️

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  3. Hey Kayla, I’m don’t feel good things at I bother you with questions everytime.
    But, there is something I need to ask. I have never able to understand the concept of intuition, like from my experiences I think the voice in our minds which sometimes we believe intuition isn’t intuition it’s just chattering so how can I believe that’s intuition, similar is with images because that’s memory. As we now intuition is connected with spirit, so how can I differentiate between mind talking and the real intuition.

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    1. Yep! 🙂 there’s several others too, but I thought I’d keep it short. Some people experience intuition through smell and taste as well! So many avenues for our inner wisdom to make its way through to us!

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  4. My strongest is #1. Also I recently had a very interesting experience when a REiki master was working on my horse. Another horse started to react very dramatically rearing up in his stall and thrashing about. I was sitting next to his owner and I knew he was trying to tell the Reiki master something. Later she told me he was yelling at her and wanted her to tell something to his owner and was upset as he was afraid that the owner would leave before she was told his message. The owner was not much of a believer in animal communication or intuition but after that incident she was converted. the horse wanted something, the owner arranged it for him and his whole temperament changed from that point on. It was pretty amazing. The Reiki master can hear the horses and can communicate back to them and she can also see some of their memories. May sound “out there” but this time it was so clear you had to believe it.

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    1. What an incredible story, Anne! I absolutely believe that animals communicate and that there are those out there who are able to listen! It’s similar to those who practice plant medicine and are able to communicate with the plant spirits. 🙂 So happy the horse was able to get his message across so his owner could act on it 💜 Amazing!

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  5. Great post as always, Kayla! I always love how you somehow summarise everything I’ve read in one little post. 😝

    I think maybe I’m a clairsentient type because I tend to absorb strong emotions from others. This happened just last week: my husband came home pretty frustrated about work, and later when he was fine, I was the one feeling frustrated (even though I know he didn’t aim it at me, having PMS didn’t help 😓). I also get pretty hyperactive when there’s excitement about, like preparing for a carnival. I’ve only ever had a strong gut feeling once though!

    I doubt I’m the claircognisance type. Clairaudient maybe, though I’ve only ever received a thought from my rose quartz bunny once. And maybe clairvoyance, because I once did a meditation calling several light beings to help heal my tendency for migraines, and I saw a scene playing out in my head! Never had a migraine since (that was last October), but I’ve never seen any more vivid scenes like that either. 😝

    I wonder if intuitive abilities ties with physical abilities. For example, I process and remember visual input way better than verbal input; give me a written phone number and I can roll it off my tongue for the next 10 minutes, but tell me the phone number verbally and I can’t even remember it for the next minute. Would that mean that I may be better with clairvoyance than clairaudience? It so happens I was planning to write about visual vs verbal, that’s why I was thinking of it. 😝

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    1. Thanks Nicolle! I love when you stop by! 🙂 Clairsentience would definitely reflect your experiences you’ve shared here. I also tend to take on others emotions which is why it’s so important for me to ground and shield so that I protect myself from absorbing what isn’t mine, otherwise I’m not at all able to show up fully and mindfully in my own energy. I find it awesome that you called on light beings to facilitate migraine healing and you haven’t experienced one since. Definitely goes to show the power of our Spirit friends! And to your last statement – yes! However it is that we learn tends to tie in with how we receive our intuitive guidance. For instance, I’m a very tactile and hands on learner which reflects my dominance in clairsentience but I also can intuitively work my way through things without much or any direction which reflects my second dominance in claircognizance. I’m actually working on developing my clairvoyance at the moment as I am an artist, and have felt called to learning more about it recently. Many times if you feel really called to learning more about a specific type, it’s probably a sign that you should! I would say that because of your tendency towards visual learning, developing clairvoyance may be something to look into. 💜

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      1. I love to stop by too! Though I’m sure you could already tell from my wall of text comments. 😆

        Oh, hey, I’m a hands-on learner too! It’s definitely reflected in the way I work – I do things better when I’ve done it multiple times (especially on the computer) – that’s probably why I’m stronger in the clairsentience department. Suddenly I wonder; I love video game soundtracks as they make me imagine scenes that go with them (like sad soundtracks for sad scenes, tranquil themes for tranquil places, etc), and I love “feeling” them with my heart when I listen. I suppose that helps with clairsentience too? 😀

        Great to know you’re working on developing your clairvoyance! Maybe you have some tips for me too. 😛 Another reason why I mentioned visual learning and memory is because I usually recall memories in flashes of images, like a picture book (I remember unimportant things like furniture placements, where everyone is positioned, etc). I thought maybe clairvoyance works the same way, except it’s not my memory or imagination. I’m certainly interested in developing it; does that count as a calling? 😛

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      2. Yes!! Absolutely. Getting into that heart space and really feeling your way through is a fantastic way to strengthen that avenue of intuition. Also, yes – I plan to do a post on how to develop each type soon! Not sure when exactly yet, as I’ll be going on vaca next week, but definitely once I return. 🙂 what you shared here about how you experience memories touches on a natural affinity for clairvoyance should you decide to step into it! Interest and desire certainly reflects a calling 💜

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      3. Haha, great! I’ve always been fascinated with psychic abilities and intuition as a story-writing kid, though I always thought of myself as just someone normal with no chance of getting them, so I poured that fascination into fantasy media. 😆

        Looking forward to that developing intuition post, and enjoy your vacation! ❤

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  6. Claircognizance. But I truly feel now I havebecome so confused i cannot trust my own intuition. I used to lead by my heart follow it everywhere. I was impulsive. However my thoughts get stuck up on even simplest things like taking a longer or the shorter route to the mall. Its cluttered. Are there anything we could do to reflect to be more clearer to ourselves.

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    1. Great question, Ity. First I would ask, do you do any form of meditation? It can help us to become aware of and discern between our talking mind vs our intuition. Second, do you have any kind of self care ritual or practice? Spending time with and really honoring ourselves and our bodies can allow us to feel taken care of and thus our ego is able to take a step back because so. Also, I’m not sure if you saw my last post but I wrote about how to recognize which is which. 🙂 hopefully it can be of service to you! Let me know if you have anymore questions or thoughts. 💜

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      1. I do not meditate I have never. Although I wish to. I feel my mind is too loud to be quiet. I’m taking therapy for my mental health and these days doing self affirmations and self help talks as advised. I just want to have a clear focus and remove all the confusions in my mind.

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      2. If you are curious about it, I suggest looking into mindfulness meditation and Mantra meditation for dealing with cluttered/racing thoughts. Those two have been the most help to me in both the past and present. 🙂

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  7. Hi, I’m happy to have found your blog. I have always had vivid dreams that come true and I know when I have them that it’s one of “those” dreams. I also have the little voice that tells me things and I also know when it’s “that” voice. This is so very interesting and I’m glad to learn more. I loved the post about the horse and the Reiki Master. I would love to be able to talk with my animals. I have two dogs and about a dozen feral cats that me and my neighbor have rescued.

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    1. Hi Wanda! I’m so happy to have you here! 💜 Seems like you’re definitely tuned into clairvoyant and clairaudient information 🙂 I thought the story about the horse and Reiki Master was amazing as well! It’s wild how many avenues intuitive guidance can take – just goes to show that there’s always a way for each and every person to receive it 🙂

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