Wisdom Wednesday 

Happy New Moon in Taurus!

This new moon is touching on our values and self-worth. It’s also speaking to us about our relationship with our bodies.

Taurus is an Earth sign. It is grounded, strong, and determined. It is also associated with Venus which rules beauty, self-worth, money, and values.

New moons are times to plant our seeds of intention so that we may cultivate something new and more aligned with who we are and what we desire.

With that in mind, let’s move into today’s pull.

I decided to do a simple, one card pull from the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms deck as a magnifier for what we are looking at in terms of the astrological and heavenly influence of this Taurus new moon.

The Fire Prince

Number: 4 – focus, foundation, conscientiousness, pragmatism, balance, manifestation

Meaning: Optimism, aggression

In this, we see a young man with flames burning around him. He’s holding a torch which seems to pull its flame back to his opposite hand. His face is calm, yet focused, and he seems to be in the process of creation. When the Fire Prince shows up, he lets us know that he represents the invisible forces behind all manner of manifestation and brings with him the gift of optimism and confidence. He inspires us to move forward with assertive action in reaching our goals. His torch of magical, Divine light allows us to envision the path of the Highest good with a sense of positivity. We have every reason to be hopeful. Knowing that the Fire Prince is supporting us through this new moon in Taurus, we can move forward knowing that we have everything we need and more. He urges us to be enthusiastic and have faith in ourselves, know our worth, and treat ourselves kindly in every aspect – body, mind, and spirit. The Fire Prince is here to light the path which reflects our deepest values, and support us through it by instilling the energy of incredible self-confidence, authenticity, and the ability to manifest exactly the reality we seek.

Questions to ask: Do I know my worth? Am I treating myself kindly? Do I have faith and confidence in my ability to create within my reality? Do my intentions line up with my Highest good and soul-level values? Am I willing to move forward with hope and optimism as I lay my foundation down and utilize my gifts to manifest my goal(s)?

Let me know below if The Fire Prince shed any light for you! He certainly did for me.



4 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday 

  1. Yay, another card! I always look forward to these cards and make sure to look at them when I have a quiet moment to myself, as I like letting my imagination come up with interpretations. And the Fire Prince card looks interesting! Having gone through lots of fantasy media, my interpretation of this card will be skewed that way, but I’ll do my best. 😛

    Fire to me represents creation and destruction, passion and enthusiasm, confidence, anger and aggressiveness. But this Fire Prince card feels more like creation (manifestation?) rather than destruction, cool and calm assertiveness rather than aggression, and focus like a fire that blazes through all obstacles. And the prince seems to be lighting the path forward with a torch, which brings to my mind an image of a long grand hall (with a super high ceiling and stone walls) where the torches on the wall magically blaze to life as we step through the hall. I suppose the message is: to blaze onward to create with calm confidence and focus!🔥🔥🔥

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