Wisdom Wednesday

Happy Wednesday and Happy Full Moon in Scorpio!

Today is quite the powerful day, and you’ll see soon that the cosmic energy that is here at this moment is being lovingly and Divinely supported by today’s pull!

Last WW, we had a new moon in Taurus. We spoke a bit about what new moons are all about, but what about full moons?

Well, as new moons hold the energy for welcoming the new, full moons are here to support releasing the old.

As a Scorpio full moon, this is release by the tenfold. Scorpio is the sign of secrets, illumination, shadows, psychic phenomena, sexuality, vulnerability, power, control, and transformation. This full moon is asking us to dive deep into our darkness, tune into our figurative underworld, gain awareness on what has been hidden and what is no longer serving us, and let it go. By doing so, we may rise forth like the mythic phoenix from it’s ashes of destruction.

Let’s begin with today’s pull from the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms deck.


You see that phoenix there?! Amazingly synchronistic, right?


The Prison Waif

Number: 31 = 4 – focus, foundation, conscientiousness, pragmatism, balance, manifestation

Meaning: Self-sabotage, poverty consciousness

Today, we received the Prison Waif as a challenger. Are you a prisoner of worry, doubt, distrust, cynicism, or fear? Do you constantly tell yourself that there’s not enough? Or do you only see lack and poverty wherever you look? These expectations of negative results and circumstances serve to keep you imprisoned by your own thoughts. Do you feel that you’re not allowed or deserving of success? When the Prison Waif comes as a challenger, he’s warning you that the results you’re seeing in your experience are a reflection of the negative thoughts you hold. If this is something you don’t enjoy seeing, it’s time to transform your way of thinking. This alone has the power to change your life. Any difficulties you are going through serve as learning curves which, by taking time to learn from the mistakes, ensure greater success in the future. Remember that the prison will not hold you for long, provided you do the work to shift your perspective.

Questions to ask: Where are you holding yourself back? What kind of self–sabotaging thoughts or poverty mentality are you keeping? Are you willing to let them go?


The Phoenix

Number: 29 = 11 – intuition, spiritual enlightenment, illumination, insight, initiation, manifestation

Meaning: Resurrection, surrender to change

The Phoenix arrives to celebrate your journey and support your greatest success. As we transform our way of thinking with the help of the Prison Waif, the Phoenix ensures that the transformation will come to be as we rise from the metaphorical ashes. Death and rebirth is intimately related as we enter the realm of the Phoenix. Seen in this light, nothing ever truly dies, but rather changes from one ending directly to a new beginning. The Phoenix is constantly reinventing itself, rising up whole and new, powerful with every death it experiences. This signals an end to the old self-sabotaging thinking and behaving, and the beginning of an illuminated space of power and vulnerability in our human experience. Trusting that with each death – whether figurative or literal – we may experience a rebirth that sets us up for an even more authentic, Divinely guided, and empowered life. It’s time for a complete overhaul of our circumstances. You may be tired of what you’ve been doing, or you may know intuitively that it’s time to move on and try something new. Whatever the case, a death of the old and a celebration of the new is being called for. What is it that you’re letting burn? Know that it will be successful and a rebirth is coming that is beyond your imagination.

Questions to ask: Can you trust that through destruction comes something new? Are you willing to surrender to the fire, to the change that is asking to take place?

I have to say, this pull actually took my breath a way for a moment. Seeing the Phoenix under this Scorpio Full Moon was confirmation of what needs to take place – destroying what is no longer serving or working for me. The heavens – and Spirit – are absolutely and blatantly supporting me (and you!) right now. I will definitely be doing a releasing ceremony this evening!



12 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday

  1. Wow I really feel like this spoke to me or made me think about some things going on in my life, some negative thoughts that I need to address and let go of. This isn’t the first reading saying similar things just about the month of May with these certain things going on

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  2. This is so powerful and really spoke to me in a profoundly deep way, with all of the soul searching that I’ve been undergoing. Lots to take in here and ponder as I navigate my way through major life changes. Thank you Kayla. 💕

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  3. Yay, another two cards to interpret! I love these. 😀

    The prison waif card looks like a really sad card for me. The fairy looks so out of place and dejected in that prison, yet if only s/he’d turn around, the sun is just there! The keywords self-sabotaging and poverty mentality are definitely appropriate. 🙂

    And I love the phoenix card! I love phoenixes in general; such pretty, graceful yet powerful birds! To me they definitely represent resurrection and strength needed to change, because I can’t imagine rising from the ashes of death as a new chick as something easy; it probably takes a lot of mental strength to do so! 🔥

    At this point I can’t say that the cards resonates with me, but it could be because it’s pretty late and I’m itching to sleep, so my feelings are probably a bit off. I’ll have a look at them again tomorrow. 😅

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