Wisdom Wednesday 

Welcome back to Wisdom Wednesday!

Today, we’re pulling from the lovely Wisdom of the Hidden Realms deck and the Archetype Cards deck by Caroline Myss.



Our pull today is revolving around choice and resistance. So often, though we have freewill and the ability to make conscious choices, we end up resisting what those choices may manifest, even if we had all the “say-so” in the matter at hand. Choice represents change, and as we know, change can often be scary. Fear creates resistance and we end up feeling just as stuck as we did before we made the decision.


The Dragon’s Duel

Number: 23 = 5 – Change

Meaning: Inner conflict, morality, conscious choice

As our current situation, The Dragon’s Duel is both an ally and a challenger. It takes place at the proverbial “fork in the road.” Though the truth is that we live in unity, we also experience duality in every turn – faith and doubt, love and fear, right and wrong. The Dragon’s Duel asks us to accept that although we may be heading one direction now, another may call on us to change direction. We are being urged to gain awareness around our current choice – is our ego leading or our heart? There are always choices in life, and making those choices are a way to release the experience of inner conflict. If we are torn between “two dragons,” we must look to see which one we are feeding the most. If it’s one which doesn’t support our Highest good, we must starve it by feeding only the dragon which does. Then, we will see that the duel will be won in our favor.

Questions to ask: Which “dragon” are you feeding and is it serving you? Are you willing to make a shift and change direction? 



Meaning: Puppet

As a solution card, the Slave calls on us to release the habit of giving away our willpower to an external authority. The shadow side of Slave often lacks the power of choice and self-authority, following other’s choices and orders even if it violates their personal integrity. With the Slave, it’s important to strive for the light attribute – surrendering our power of choice to the Divine with complete trust. As we begin feeding the dragon which serves us and our values, the one which leads by our soul, we must be with faith as that choice becomes manifested. In this space, our duel is complete and we can experience true freedom.

Questions to ask: Where are you handing over your power? Are you willing to take it back? Can you surrender to the outcome with trust in a Higher Power?

Are you experiencing a “dragon duel” in your own life? Have you been feeling dis-empowered by handing over your decisions to an external source? Do you have complete trust in the Divine when you make choices? Let me know below! 🙂



15 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday 

  1. Sometime I just don’t want to step out of my comfort zone. I know what I need to do for the higher good, but I find ways and means to not act.
    But yesterday I had a breakthrough and did what I needed to do and it felt great!
    Hopeful after reading this I will find the courage to act again.

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    1. Awesome to hear, Vernon! I completely relate to what you shared here. So often we choose the “easy” way, even if it’s not aligned with ourselves or our desires, which inevitably creates an experience which becomes the total opposite of easy. It can be tough to take the path that is led by our heart, simply because it actually means something to us, but in the end it opens space for real freedom and truth. I commend you for taking action on what was needed to move forward! 💜


  2. Hey Kayla. I just wanted to ask that, what I believe in is unconditional love. But the thing is I very much get driven by success or failure, like I’m a student the whole world says or even my conditioned says to believe in education which is based on gaining something like salary, house car from studying, but deep down I feel it shouldn’t be like this its more like unconditional love for education which will give me knowledge to improve the world. So the thing is that even knowing this fact, I get upset with failures or excited with success, so why I’m being driven like this as you wrote in last line?

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    1. I totally understand and agree, Siddharth! All good things stem from a place of love. Like you said here, many things we’re conditioned to do or believe in tend to stem from ego instead. The thing is, success and failure are one in the same. There’s really no such thing as failure, just a success in finding what does not work, which opens space for finding what does. I wonder if that makes sense for you? I’m not quite sure which line you are speaking on though as far as your question goes. Maybe you could clarify a bit? 🙂

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      1. That’s a nice definition of failure. Well the line which stuck me was this – – ” Have you been feeling dis-empowered by handing over your decisions to an external source?”.
        It’s because I have stayed in a system where success is defined like this, but one day when I questioned this theory I started to believe in unconditional love for work but the problem is that even knowing about unconditional love work my subconscious mind drags me into anxiety because of attachment to result. So I just wanted that how could I just don’t get dragged down by this conditiong. 😊

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      2. Ah, many ways! You could write a letter to this conditioning letting it know that you understand the purpose behind it but that you’re ready to release it for these reasons, whatever they are. Meditation. Hypnotherapy. Affirmations. All of these can help, and more! 🙂

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  3. Oh wow, do I ever resonate with this! Lots of internal battles, choices to be made and soul searching going on lately. But I’m feeling a shift and light … thank you so much for this post.

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  4. Yay, a dragon card! I love dragons, especially the serpentine Chinese dragons – beautiful, graceful yet powerful – they’re my favourite mythical creatures ever since I was a small kid! 🐉

    The Dragon’s Duel is a pretty card! The dragons of different colours (light dragon vs dark dragon?) are a little tangled and seem to want to go to separate directions, yet they don’t seem to be really fighting each other. If the dragons each represent a choice, I suppose in a way choices don’t need to “fight” each other. The crossroad of choices often draw out inner conflict in us, but does it need to be crossroad = conflict each time? I don’t know, but I’m suddenly feeling philosophical upon looking at this card. 😛

    As for the Slave card, I think in this society it’s easy to fall into the negative thinking of a slave (lack of power, no choice but to follow another’s command) – lose weight to become thin because that’s the society’s idea of attractiveness, money = success, etc. The positive part of this card is something I’m working on too – accepting that whatever happens is for highest good, part of the Divine plan, etc. 🙂

    Now that I’ve really tried to interpret these cards my way, they really resonate with me. I have a really big choice to make now, which is whether to make a major move overseas where I’m an automatic citizen (I was born there) or stay here and life goes on. For the past year I’ve been resisting the idea while slowly working on the paperwork for my husband (since it takes ages), but I’m slowly accepting the fact that my resistance is mostly due to fear and doubt, and that, well, things in my life tend to work out on its own somehow, so why not give it a shot how it goes? I’m not 100% on board yet, but I’m more open to the idea of moving now. 😀

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    1. Yay! So glad you received something as profound as what you shared here through this pull! I always enjoy reading your interpretations. I also love what you posed about choices not needing to fight, it’s often our own inner conflict which places a perception of them fighting – in our inner world it’s often ego and heart in a struggle, even though it’s totally possible for them to cooperate with each other successfully. Crossroads definitely do not need to be a conflict! 🙂 it’s often opening up, slowing down, and getting quiet that we begin to see that they are not actually struggling, just posing choices which will take us down paths, paths that offer us a different lesson depending on the choice that is made. Thank you for bringing this up because it definitely gave me something to chew on, Nicolle. 💜

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      1. Thanks for the feedback, Kayla! ❤ I love to read your responses to my interpretations; I usually wonder if others think they’re as interesting as I think they are. I recently read a spirituality book and this line really caught my eye (paraphrased): “There is no wrong choice in life.” 😀

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