Wisdom Wednesday 

Happy Wednesday and happy New Super Moon in Gemini!

This New Moon in Gemini is asking us to take some time for self-reflection and consider the fact that all in the external is a mirror for the internal. We’re being asked to trust our intuition above all as it is the highest form of guidance. New Moon in Gemini calls on us to honor the knowing within, learn from our mirrors, and create new paths by shifting our thinking.

Today’s pull is unsurprisingly on point for the cosmic energy coming in.


I did a one card pull from the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms deck and two support cards from my Numerology Guidance deck.


The Swan Queen

Meaning: Transformation, intuition, patience

As an ally card, the Swan Queen asks us to look at our reflection in the events that have transpired in your life. She gives us the ability to see the beauty that has transformed our lives from ignorance to wisdom. The Swan Queen lets us know that it is time to go within and seek the answers through intuition. Our true power right now lies, not in looking outside of ourselves for answers, but in the still waters within us. Psychic perception is strong at this time and the Swan Queen will help you dive deep into your question to find the answer that you seek. She also calls on us to allow time for our ideas to manifest into reality.

Questions to ask: Am I willing to go within to receive answers? Can I see my reflection in all that Is?



Meaning: Patience, intuition, partnership, emotions

The Patience card indicates a time to stop and enjoy the present moment. It asks us to be mindful and realize that there is nothing more to be done to achieve the outcome we desire. Rather than take action, we are being called to evaluate our progress and clarify exactly what our dreams are, which will allow the space for them to be manifested sooner. the Patience card also represents the need to take our time and pace ourselves instead of making any hasty decisions. This is an opportunity to focus our energy and attention on visualizing, fully and completely, our dreams instead of resisting or pushing against any obstacles that may be standing in our way. We must surrender the outcome to the Universe and use that time to be present and actually live our lives. In order to improve our current situation, we are being asked to adjust to and harmonize with the natural rhythm and cycles of our lives, which encourage us to be still and patient. This stillness is the key to receiving the clear guidance we need with patience being paramount to the actualization of the outcome we desire.

Affirmation: I patiently trust and surrender the outcome to the Divine.



Number: 61

Meaning: Personal growth, spirituality, health, study, solitude

The Self-Love card indicates the need to focus our attention on loving and believing in ourselves. We are being encouraged to make our relationship to self our number one priority – the key to unending happiness and manifesting our dreams. Rather than dwelling on our shortcomings or flaws, we’re being asked to accept and embrace them as they are what makes us, us. It’s time to treat ourselves like we would a close friend. This might include switching our negative self-talk with positive affirmations, ones that affirm that we are lovable, worthy, and perfect just the way we are. Set aside time to write down the things you admire about yourself – anything and everything. Nothing is insignificant or minor. Make a “you” date – take a nice bath, listen to your favorite music, read a book, eat your favorite food. Anything that creates a warm, nurturing space for you to get in touch with you is ideal. You are being asked to remember that you are an ongoing work in progress, and you didn’t choose to come here to be perfect. Everything in your life is a reflection of what you believe about yourself, so remember to nurture yourself as often as possible.

Affirmation: I love and believe in myself and make my dreams come true.

What did you get out of today’s pull? Does it speak to anything going on in your life at this moment? Are you ready to utilize this wisdom of cultivating patience, intuition, and self-love to create the open space needed to manifest the outcome you’re desiring?



8 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday 

  1. Interesting pull with the Swan Queen. I just chose to post a photo on IG of a swan that I photographed while in Paris. I was also looking for quotes from Swan Lake, but had a different photo that would go better with the Swan Lake quote and will use it sometime in the future.

    Definitely gives me something to think about. I had already begun some self-reflection and reading this makes me think I’m on the right thought pathway 🙂

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  2. I’ve been watching a lot of tarot card reading on YouTube that go specifically with your zodiac sign or you life path/life expression numbers. They always speak to me in the same ways at the right times. As did this one. I’ve got a lot of questions and decision making I need to do soon but my intuition tells me I need to be a little patient also, and that at the right time things will happen or reveal themselves

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    1. Awesome to hear and glad you’re heeding your intuitive guidance, Lee! 🙂 also very interested in these YouTube videos that connect tarot with numerology – the latter being a huge love of mine! 💜

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  3. Wow, interesting but appropriate cards for today! I’ve read somewhere (or rather, my mum did all the reading and fed me the key points 😛) that the cosmic energies are particularly strong this week (stronger than 12 Dec 2012) and that they’re helping us to increase our vibrations. I’ve definitely been feeling off and floaty and clumsy the last few days, even getting a migraine for the first time since the light beings helped cured it! I guess I’m still adjusting to the energies; definitely a time of transformation and patience. 😛

    Back to the card; I love the Swan Queen card! It’s so white and beautiful, like light that dispels darkness, and I’m suddenly reminded of the story of the Ugly Duckling that turns into a beautiful swan. The card goes nicely with the number cards, as I’m sure one needs a lot of patience and self love to turn from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. 🙂

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    1. So interesting what you shared about the cosmic energies, Nicolle! 😊 I’ve been feeling a bit off this week as well. Also, love that you connected the Swan Queen with the Ugly Duckling! I can see a connection between the act of looking at ones own reflection to see our truth and beauty as in the Ugly Duckling and the importance of going within with the Swan Queen. 💜 Love it! Thank you for sharing.

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      1. Good to see I’m not the only one feeling off as well. 😛
        And thanks for reminding me that the Ugly Duckling looks at its own reflection in the story and for connecting that with going within with the Swan Queen. ❤

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