Wisdom Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Today, we’ll be looking at a two card pull from the WotHR deck.

Sisters of the Seasons

Number: 17

Meaning: Cycles of growth, natural law, Divine order

The Sisters of the Seasons are here to remind us that everything has a natural rhythm that obeys a higher law. Similar to the seasons which seem to pass almost magically, the nature of birth, growth, harvest, and decay cannot be altered. The Sisters are asking us to keep on our path with focus and discernment so that we may open space for the natural and Divinely timed course of the events in our lives to unfold, ultimately assuring our success. Right now, whatever it is that you have started recently is making its way to you. Recognize the importance of patience and awareness of the rhythm of your own life and trust that with each moment you are moving closer to your destination.

Questions to ask: Am I willing to have patience? Am I resisting the natural flow of my life, and if so, can I shift to moving with it instead?


The Spirit Whisperer

Number: 3

Meaning: Divine guidance, higher knowing

As a support card, The Spirit Whisperer is here to herald the miraculous and the inspired. She whispers guidance through our higher sense so that we may hear her wisdom and know that we are loved in each moment. She helps us intuit the next right action and steers us away from trouble, inspiring us to move forward and always knowing which way to go. Guiding us to fulfill our highest purpose, the Spirit Whisperer represents inspired ideas that with continued action leads us to the success we are here to create.

Questions to ask: Do I spend time creating a clear connection to my intuition? Am I willing to pause, ask, and listen for the Divine guidance in the moments I may feel unclear? Am I willing to trust what I receive and act on it?



9 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday

  1. ! am blessed with your words today and reminded to be patient as I strive for my real purpose in life. no two cards could have better described my life journey so far. thank you for being such a beautiful soul.

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  2. I find the cards interesting that they represent Divine Order and Divine Guidance! I feel it’s like telling a child not to become an adult too fast and that there’s someone guiding him/her to grow at the right pace and direction. 😀


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