The Importance of Dreaming – An Abenaki Legend

In the beginning of time, which is unknown, the Great Spirit was tired of the terrible darkness. He looked around but saw no beauty, no colors. Darkness prevailed all around. Time remained silent in the darkness. There was no voice, no sound. Nothing could be felt or seen.

The Great Spirit wished to fill endless void with the joyful movement of life and light. He flew the flashes of the creation of fire with his great hands. He ordered The Great Turtle, who was known as Tôlba, to emerge from the water and become the land. Manito, the Great Spirit then framed the mountains valley in the creation land on the back of the turtle with his strong hands. He set white clouds sailing the blue sky and put the waters where they should be.

Manito looked around and was very ecstatic to look at the world he’d made. He wanted to add the maneuver of life to the world he’d made. He started thinking about the creatures he wanted to have in his world.

The Great Spirit, Manito carefully considered how he would make a perfect cycle of life, with each creature just so and in its apt and perfect place. He wanted each and every creature to have a happy place in his world and should have a perfect way of life. He wanted everything to be perfect. He worked so much that he got tired and slept.

While he was sleeping, his slumber was filled with dreams. In his dreams, he saw bizarre things. He saw living beings with four legs, and some with two. There were creatures that could fly with the help of wings, while others could swim with their fins. The ground was covered with plants of beautiful and different colors. The birds were singing, dogs were barking, insects were buzzing, and the human beings were talking to each other. Everything appeared to be a total bizarre. The world was with no design, no order. Manito, The Great Spirit thought it was a nightmare. He thought nothing could be this imperfect. No world of creation could be this lousy!

When Manito woke up, he saw a beaver pecking on a twig of a tree. He then found out that the world he dreamt of turned into his creation. Each and everything he saw in his dream became true. After that he saw that the beaver was building a shelter, and a dam to bestow a puddle so that his family could swim in, he then came to knew that everything has its place and reason in the future.

We should not question our dreams, they are our creation.


3 thoughts on “The Importance of Dreaming – An Abenaki Legend

    1. “Even those whose darkness we misread for it is showing us how to reach the light” Beautiful and so powerful, too! I thoroughly agree. Thank you Sue, and SO much love to you! xo

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