Wisdom Wednesday

Happy Wisdom Wednesday!

Before I share today’s pull, I’d like to share my gratitude to all of you who have continued to support my posts, even though I’ve been more inactive here recently than I’ve liked to be. Thankfully, in about 3 weeks I’ll have unlimited free time to get back in the swing of writing again! 🙂

Today I decided to do a single pull from the WotHR deck. Something was telling me that one card would be enough to get across what we need to hear, so I heeded that call!


The River Queen

Meaning: Flow, letting go, natural movement

The River Queen comes to us as a reminder about the concept of allowing and the Law of Nonattachment. We are being asked to become fluid and to let go of any rigidity and perfectionism in our current experience. This choice to let go and become one with the flow of the river of life will allow us to travel farther than we could imagine, easily maneuvering around the greatest boulders. No obstacles can hold us back now if we’re willing to surrender to the natural movement of events. Releasing control and being easy on both yourself & others, you will be able to witness how smoothly you can move forward. You’ll be surprised where the flow takes you.

Questions to ask: Where am I being rigid or controlling in my life? Am I willing to let go and trust that the flow knows?

Wow! So much medicine in this single card! Learning to surrender can be incredibly healing, and I know that, for me, surrender is of the utmost importance at this moment in my life. Thanking Spirit a million times over for this clarity today.

How does The River Queen relate to your current circumstances? Let me know below!



3 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday

  1. I like the colours of the River Queen card. 😀
    I love the image of a gently flowing river, with its sparkly blue water and soothing sounds, going wherever the land curvature takes it as it makes its way to the ocean. Because a river’s scenery change vastly from the top of a mountain to the sea, I think the River Queen is also very observant, watching life by the river; maybe this card is also telling us to go with the flow, but observe and not blindly. 😀

    I think one of my life lessons is to go with the flow, because whenever I resist change, it doesn’t go very well. 😅

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      1. Hi Kayla! I use WP reader (on my phone) to catch up on posts; actually I can’t view the picture if I open the post itself, but I can view a bit of it (mostly the middle) when it shows up as the feature image on the list of published posts. 😀

        Glad you love the observation part too! Admittedly I got the idea from a fantasy video game, where the water spirit / queen (who is like a goddess) observes the world through the rivers and oceans of the world. 😛

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