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3 thoughts on “Monday Mantra

  1. Hey Kayla. These days I was really confused. I saw your post and there was the word “bliss”.
    I read it somewhere that unconditional love brings bliss, which I have also experienced.
    But the problem is that even a person knows that unconditional love or bliss is the way of perfect life then why we still derive pleasures from temporary things like success, beauty or fame.
    Is the ego culprit here?
    Because in temporary things when I enjoyed them there was never bliss or complete satisfaction there was momentary some dopamine discharge but as time passes we again feel inadequate.
    So the thing is that even knowing unconditional love and it’s effects why we are still running after such temporary pleasures which often bring pain with them.

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    1. Hi Siddharth! Sorry for the late reply. That’s actually a great question that I’m still trying to understand myself. What I’ve come to is the thought that it stems from a world of consumerism that we’ve all been brought up in. We’ve been conditioned to believe that through the external can we only achieve the things you laid out here – success, beauty, fame. The thing is that maybe yes, but as you mentioned, it’s temporary. Those things can also be achieved by being authentic, loving, and generous, which undoubtedly result in success/fame, beauty, and bliss as a long term experience because it’s real and soulful, originating in the internal rather than the external which is constantly breaking down. I would say that yes, ego is partly a culprit but culture has a lot to do with it as well.


  2. Yes you are right Kayla. Well I think I found something in my Religion’s holy book i.e the bhagwad Gita it is written that when we start contemplating things which are bound by senses like status, money, sex and relationships we start to become attached to them and when we get attached to them we start to get addicted and when addiction and attachments increases we lose reasoning power due to conflicting emotions and feelings and these things overpower our knowledge of soul. Thus this is the reason i suppose. I wrote about this on my blog 😂


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