Monday Mantra

Happy Monday! 🙂

I’m working on a new post for this week about how to connect to our dreams. Today’s mantra is about placing you in a more intentional and receptive state so that you can create the space for your dreams to relay their messages. 



7 thoughts on “Monday Mantra

    1. Aw, I take it you’re a productive person! Though I will say, it is absolutely productive to take time to rest and show a little compassion to oneself 💜 Enthusiasm, intention, and repetition seem to be the keys when it comes to dream recall.

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      1. Maybe that’s it… I’ve never had much enthusiasm about it. Not *real* enthusiasm. Just a curiosity, and a vague sense of disappointment when others talk about a dream they had.

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      2. Hopefully! For now, I’m too busy being blown away by my waking life, lol… however…my husband says I’ve been extremely active lately, talking, flailing, etc.

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  1. This would be a wonderful prompt for a story (and a nice talent to have)!
    I wanted to drop by and say I nominated you for the Unique Blogger Award, and I hope you have fun passing the torch as the saying goes. Keep up the good work!
    -Author S

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