Wisdom Wednesday

Today we’re looking at a two card pull from the Enchanted Tarot.


I just love this deck! It’s definitely one of my favorites. I don’t use it as much as I’d like to as they’re a bit big to shuffle in my little hands.


The Empress

Meaning: Beauty, inspiration, creativity, manifestation

Robed in violet, the color of Spirit, the Empress sits atop a throne of stone, rooting her to the Earth. On her head, we see a star and a halo which keeps her connected to the heavens. In her right hand, and also all around her, there are multitudes of flowers. The Empress is the fertile Earth mother, producing a cornucopia of beauty like a well-tended garden. Her nurturing femininity facilitates us in giving birth to creative ideas. She is here to remind us that we are unconditionally loved and supported through our endeavors. The Empress also tells us that abundance is our birthright. She helps us bring our daydreams to life, recognizing the importance of coupling logic with intuition. We’re being asked to have an open and sympathetic heart and our wishes will be granted. Creative inspiration and productivity are available if we build a connection between the heavens and Earth.

Questions to ask: How easily do I see the beauty around and within me? Am I willing to act on my creative ideas? Can I harmonize logic and intuition?

Affirmation: I will plant my dream seeds in the fertile Earth of my imagination and reap a harvest of love, creativity, and harmony.


Eight of Wands

Meaning: Signals

Here we see a woman standing before a fiery rose. There are eight other flowers rising toward the sky, as though they are puffs of smoke being using as smoke signals. The woman has built this fire by rubbing her hands together until the rose became ignited by a spark. This spark represents action and information being passed from one place to another, generating light and heat in the process. The wands emanating from each flower are traveling quickly both towards the woman and towards her objective. Eight of Wands tells us that everything is very direct and in motion, suggesting fast progress. Now is the time for us to initiate swift action, to send and receive messages and signals, whether of love or new ideas. We are being reminded that the flames of inspiration will not burn forever unless they are fed by intention and effort. Eight of Wands urges us to do it and do it now. Action is demanded if the things we wish for are to be attained. Make that call. Act on that new idea. The time is right to respond to the needs of the moment in the most direct way possible.

Questions to ask: Am I ready and willing to move forward and act?

Affirmation: I lovingly send my intention to the heavens, knowing that the time to wait is at an end.

How do you feel about this week’s pull? Do you have any endeavors, creative or otherwise, that you’ve been sitting on? Let me know below!



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