Wisdom Wednesday

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Wisdom Wednesday. 🙂

So, this week’s pull was pretty much confirmation of last week’s pull, as it’s book description directly refers to The Empress in the Enchanted Tarot deck.


Princess of Pentacles


The Princess of Pentacles stands in her well-tended garden holding the harvest of her labor, a bouquet of flowers. Although she is a princess, she is surprisingly willing to practice hard work and get her hands dirty. Hers is the practical application of knowledge. While she may be deliberate and diligent, she is not much of an intellectual. Her careful, plodding ways carry her far in material accomplishment. She seeks out only the information necessary to aid her pursuits,, however slowly they may proceed. The Princess of Pentacles comes as a reminder to trust our instincts. She asks us to become aware of the natural rhythms and cycles that reflect those of The Empress. News of material matters, helpful information, and practical assistance are coming to you that will help further you on your path.

Questions to ask: How well do I trust my instincts? Am I willing to be patient as my goals materialize? Can I spot the opportunities?

Affirmation: I will work for my gain, I will learn from my pain, I will speak to the Earth, I will know my self-worth.

I still can’t get over the fact that this week’s reading was connected to last week’s! Total confirmation. How do you feel about this pull? Please, let me know below! 🙂



One thought on “Wisdom Wednesday

  1. Wow, how cool to realise this week’s card links to last week’s! I see the princess is working on growing flowers in a desert-like place, and it certainly takes hard work to grow beautiful flowers in a desert. 😀

    At the moment I’m not sure how the hard work part comes into picture, but the part about trusting my instincts resonates with me and I certainly hope news of material matters, helpful information, and practical assistance are coming to me! You see, I’m having a problem with a big but benign fibroid in my womb. When I learned 7 months ago that it has gotten bigger, I almost went straight to surgery to have it removed, but due to family and other advice, I slowly convinced myself to try Chinese traditional medicine to improve my health and hopefully shrink my fibroid without surgery. While I certainly feel somewhat healthier now, the fibroid situation isn’t improving, and my husband said it’s time to seriously consider surgery again. Whenever I ask myself, “Should I go for surgery?” my heart seems to say, “Yes.” I suppose that’s my instinct saying going for it will be the best for me. 🙂

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