Wisdom Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Today we’ve got a three card pull from the WotHR deck.


Before we get into it, if you don’t know, Monday was a full moon and a partial lunar eclipse in Aquarius. The excerpt below can help explain a bit about what’s going on in the heavens and how it might be affecting us in our lives as well as give some insight into how perfectly today’s pull relates:

“Eclipses can generate  an awareness of something larger, more powerful running the show…

“Eclipses have the power to poke holes in our ego/identity, revealing things deep within us that we’ve been avoiding or totally unaware of.

“Syncing up with Mercury’s retrograde cycle, this eclipse season is powerful and dynamic in terms of changing our focus, direction, priorities, and perceptions.

“Eclipses also reverberate through time. They connect us to the past and future in deep, encompassing ways.

“Whatever we’re currently dealing with has its origins long before this moment and will have consequences for months in the future.

“Eclipses are not isolated events, but a long process of change and reversal of circumstances.

“Since this is a south nodal, lunar eclipse in tropical Aquarius, we are working on releasing, moving on, and then stepping more fully into the future after the solar eclipse on Aug 21.

“That means that the themes you’ll be dealing with during this lunar eclipse will be issues from the past: moving beyond stagnant attitudes, habits, and perceptions that are no longer useful.

“In the two weeks between this lunar eclipse and the following Aug 21 solar eclipse, we’re in a process of archetypal death…”

“And since eclipses are simply more powerful New or Full Moons, after this Full Moon, we’re heading for a more pronounced death/rebirth at the New Moon/solar eclipse.

“The shadow of Aquarius contains feelings of alienation, social rejection… It can reveal a victim consciousness due to social exclusion, an attitude that is essentially antisocial (against maintaining or creating cohesion and peace) or unconsciously rebellious (rebel without a cause).

“Look to see how this has shown up in your life, and how these patterns have been in the background somewhere… 

“That will relate to the need to overcome fear of rejection and step into our creative and expressive power.

“Or it can relate to the need to overcome intentional isolation and righteousness into a more active participation in the life drama. Where have you been a spectator in your life?

“Have you withheld your gifts out of fear that others would judge, persecute, or seek to devalue them? Or have you been mindlessly rebelling due to an inability to accept your uniqueness thereby suppressing your true individuality?

“Obviously find not every eclipse will impact everyone the same (or much at all)… 

“With Jupiter making a helpful and dominating trine, it blesses this lunar eclipse and offers help, assistance, and support when we need it most.”

© Copyright 2017 ~CHAD WOODWARD  All Rights Reserved

Okay, so all about reflection, expression, and moving forward, right?

Today’s cards are fully supporting this energy.


The Lady of the Mirror 

Meaning: Reflection, non-judgment

The Lady of the Mirror is both Ally and Challenger, asking us to see ourselves in the mirror made by the events in our life. She represents the powerful force of the Law of Attraction and reminds us that what we are is what we attract. This isn’t to say that we need to blame ourselves from inviting transgressions or if we find ourselves a victim of a big-picture event. This is a distorted interpretation of this law. Certain events are fated to test our faith. Rather, we are to find ourselves within the web woven through our lives – our relationships, opportunities, desires, seeming failures, and successes. We’re being asked to observe how we’ve responded to life’s challenges, great and small, and be aware of what is familiar in the present. Release all judgment, and accept things exactly as they are with love, honoring each part of our story as essential to our highest unfolding.

Questions to ask: Can I see myself as being exactly where I need to be on my path? Do I love what I see in the mirror? Am I willing to own my part in the way my life has played out?


The River Queen

Meaning: Flow, letting go, natural movement

The River Queen comes to us as a reminder about the concept of allowing and the Law of Nonattachment. We are being asked to become fluid and to let go of any rigidity and perfectionism in our current experience. This choice to let go and become one with the flow of the river of life will allow us to travel farther than we could imagine, easily maneuvering around the greatest boulders. No obstacles can hold us back now if we’re willing to surrender to the natural movement of events. Releasing control and being easy on both yourself & others, you will be able to witness how smoothly you can move forward. You’ll be surprised where the flow takes you.

Questions to ask: Where am I being rigid or controlling in my life? Am I willing to let go and trust that the flow knows?


Gaia’s Garden

Meaning: Fruition, abundance, reaping what you sow

In Gaia’s Garden, we have everything we need to make our dreams come true. There is no shortage of anything, and we’re constantly reminded of the Law of Supply. Gaia is the infinite Spirit manifest in all tangible things. She represents the abundance of Nature. When she comes to us as an Ally, she invites us to partake of all the blessings of Life. There will always be enough for everyone. Success comes to you from the fruits of our intentions, and all is well with the world as a result. This is also a sign to remind us to give thanks and maintain an attitude of humility and gratitude as your greatest good now manifests for us. Gaia’s gifts are sweeter when we share them with others.

Total synchroncity, right?

For me, this pull relates to my current creative endeavors and recognizing the faulty belief systems I’ve built surrounding self-expression that have hindered me throughout my life. As rough and tough as it is, I’m in the process of breaking them down while allowing myself the space to move through the fear and put myself out there anyway. Perfectionism is another thing that really stuck out to me when we received the River Queen, and I’m thankful to have the confirmation that allowing things to be as they are and come when they come will ultimately provide the abundance – thanks Gaia’s Garden! – that I so seek.

Did this week’s cards resonate with you? If so, how? Let me know below!



3 thoughts on “Wisdom Wednesday

  1. Resonate ?Wow do they ever! Talk about hitting the nail smack dab on the head! I have been presented with a very big challenge in my life and I must make a decision as to whether or not I am able to meet this challenge within the next week. If I do take it on it will be a very big step up and I will be out there for all to see. They will see whether I succeed or do not succeed. Oddly enough the opinions of others do not seem to me to be the important aspect of this. At this point in time I am progressing on with a positive attitude as if I am going to accept this challenge. If over the next week it becomes clear it is too big a step for me at this time then I will not take it on. So reflection, letting go and fruition…..hmmmm! Thanks for this post.

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  2. I think the energies this week is interesting, also because of the Lion’s Gate! And the cards for this week is interesting too. 😀

    The Lady of the Mirror card reminds me of some stories where the character is having an emotional time and looks in a mirror, and the reflection grins and says, “But this is who you really are.” It sounds scary because it’s usually used in a horror story, but I think it’s also because most of us have darkness in our hearts that we aren’t proud of. 🙂

    I remember the River Queen card, that I interpreted it as letting go to go with the flow, yet being observant of the surroundings. The Gaia’s Garden card brings to mind a beautiful forest, a place that could be if we plant the right plants. 😀

    These three cards seem to signify the end of a journey for me; at least the journey of my fibroids! I’ve done some self-reflection in the past few months on the metaphysical reasons for fibroids, going with the flow with traditional Chinese medicine while being observant of my condition with periodic checkups at the hospital, trusting that I’m making the right choice, and now the journey is coming to an end via surgery (scheduled tomorrow!). Which is not a bad thing, because it feels like I’ve done enough self-reflection (like going through old photo albums of a turbulent time) and now it’s time to “declutter” my body of fibroids (like decluttering the house of these old photos). Kind of like my efforts coming to fruition. 😆

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